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It is important to keep your home and loved ones safe with a home security system in these ten crime-infested cities.

What is a hate crime? This is a type of crime that is committed toward a member of a social group or race based on prejudice. These groups are not limited to ethnicity but can also include a bias towards sexuality, religion, profession, disability, or physical appearance.

According to Statistics Canada, 4 out of 10 urban areas in Canada have the highest incidence of hate crimes in the country. Do you live in an urban area and likely to become a victim of hate crime?

Don’t wait to find out. The best thing to do is to prevent it from happening to you with the simple measure of installing a professional home security system.


10 Cities in Canada with a high incidence of hate crimes

The police serving Hamilton, Guelph, Peterborough, and the York region report that hate crimes that put them among the highest in Canada as of 2017. Hamilton has the highest number of incidents in the region and the 3rd highest nationwide, with almost 16 incidents per 100,000 residents.

Below is a list of the top 10 Cities in Canada with the highest hate crime incidents:

1 Thunderbird, Ontario 18.1%
2 Sarnia, Ontario 16.1%
3 Hamilton, Ontario 16.0%
4 Quebec, Quebec 13.1%
5 Montreal 12.6%
6 Peterborough 12.5%
7 York Region 11.9%
8 Guelph, Ontario 11.8%
9 Vancouver, British Columbia 11.5%
10 Port Coquitlam, British Columbia 11.4%

** Data obtained from Statistics Canada as of 2017 for cities with populations of at least 50,000


This latest data indicates the increasing number of hate crime incidents in the country, compared to the previous years.  According to police reports nationwide, 38% of these crimes were violent in nature and usually target Blacks, Jews, Muslims, and individuals identified with marginalized gender and sexual groups.

Hate crimes often happen to victims who did nothing. They become victims due to their circumstances and the motivation for such crimes may be difficult for most to comprehend.

Whatever the reason, you certainly don’t need to be a victim before you do something. A simple security measure such as installing a professional alarm system can save your life.

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How can an alarm system protect you?

A professional alarm system has integrated features that protect you from crimes including:

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesBurglary/Robbery

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesIntrusion

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesMalicious mischief

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesAssault

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesHome invasion


How does an alarm system work?

Home security systems operate on the premise of protecting all points of entry, including windows and doors, and protecting areas that have valuable items.

However, there are various alarm companies operating in the country, and each provider may employ different technologies in their alarm services.

Basically, a home security system has the following:

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesControl panel

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesDoor and window sensors

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesMotion sensors

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesSecurity cameras

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesA high-decibel alarm that sounds when an alarm is triggered

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesWindow stickers and yard sign of the alarm provider

All these devices work in tandem and communicate with the control panel. In case one of these sensors are triggered (such as a window being opened, or glass breaking), an alert is sent to a monitoring center.

If warranted, the monitoring team will send help to attend to the situation (medical responders, police authorities, fire department).

The biggest difference of alarms provided by the various alarm companies is in :

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesThe number of components offered

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesMonitoring services (some have their own monitoring while others outsource it)

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesPrice

In addition, it also protects your home from damage resulting from:

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesFire

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesFlood


Professionally-monitored alarm systems stop criminals

Your home security system can be connected to a central monitoring station for complete peace of mind

There are also 2 kinds of alarm systems based on how they are monitored. You must understand that the efficiency of an alarm system greatly depends on the speed and reliability of the response to any alert.

Alarm systems can be self-monitored. Some homeowners purchase DIY alarm systems that are not linked to any alarm company/station. This means the homeowner is responsible for reacting to any fire or burglar alarm.  He or she is responsible for contacting the proper authorities to respond to any emergency.  A delayed response or a failure to respond renders the alarm system useless.

For instance, if a burglary alert is triggered, a homeowner who is away from home may not immediately see the alert from his security system. If there is a delay in informing the police, the burglar may successfully finish the job and get away with it.

On the other hand, a professionally monitored alarm system that is linked to a monitoring center 24/7 always has trained security personnel to oversee the status of the security system and react in a timely manner to any security breach.  If you are in a situation of duress, unconscious or injured, or just away from the house, you can be sure that help will come because the security system will send an alert. The alarm company will contact medical personnel, fire responders, or the police for the necessary action.

It is also important to note that professionally monitored systems stop criminals in their tracks even before they enter the house. Research shows that a majority of criminals think twice and avoid homes displaying alarm company stickers and yard signs. Homes with surveillance cameras also deter criminals and they look for easier targets.


Compare alarm prices with a free comparator in 2 minutes

It is important for you to compare prices for home security systems before you choose one. Each alarm provider would have their own alarm technology. This is critical for homeowners with existing alarm systems that were disconnected as you need to make sure that their technologies are compatible (if changing providers).

It is also important to compare the terms and conditions of the alarm contract – the length of the contract, the monthly monitoring fee, cancellation fees, warranty, etc.

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This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesServices

This is the logo for 3 home protection quotesAnd more


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