Home security systems protect thousands of Toronto homes from burglary and other threats

Home security systems protect thousands of Toronto homes from burglary and other threats

Crime is going down in Toronto. There has been a decline in violent crimes in the city. But the fight against crime is far from over.

It is something to be proud of that Toronto remains as one of the safest cities to live. However, burglary and robbery, as well as vehicle theft continue to happen. The city of Kelowna in British Columbia had the highest crime rate in 2012 with reported crimes of 8,875 for every 100,000 people while Toronto had the lowest at 3,131 crimes for every 100,000. The decline can be attributed to shifting demographics, policing strategies, higher safety consciousness of residents, and socio-economic factors. You don’t want to be part of these statistics. Despite the downward trend in crime rates, it is still important to ensure your property and your loved ones are protected by the right home alarm system.

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What do you need to protect your home in Toronto?

Home alarm systems keep your most valuable possessions safe

Home alarm systems keep your most valuable possessions safe

Your home isn’t just a structure; it holds everything you have worked hard for and all that you hold dear, your loved ones.

Every homeowner wants to feel safe around the home and his possessions secure. It is actually very easy to have security and peace of mind when you get an affordable home or business security system.

Aside from a complete security system featuring anti-burglary protection, fire monitoring, flood monitoring, and home automation, you can also enjoy 24/7 monitoring that is focused on watching over your home around the clock. This means a very quick alarm response when you need the police, fire, or medical personnel.

Did you know that you could get a complete system costing next to nothing? Some alarm companies offer very affordable packages because they know you are careful with how you spend your dollars. When you sign up for monthly monitoring contract, you can enjoy free use of your security devices. The trick is to find the right security alarm company.

It all starts here when you request for your free 3homeprotectionquotes. Below are highlights of the key security benefits you will obtain from a home or business protection system.


Anti-Burglary Protection – The Most Basic Protection You Need

Burglar alarms prevent intruders from breaking and entering into your home

Burglar alarms prevent intruders from breaking and entering into your home

According to a study by the University of Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, majority of burglars check to see if a prospective house has a security system or not before attempting a home invasion or burglary. In a survey of convicted robbers and burglars, many of them confessed to avoiding houses with security systems.

This means only one thing – you have a higher risk for being a target for burglars if you have no security alarm system. This can be easily remedied because most reputable alarm companies offer convenient and affordable security solutions to homeowners.

When considering a burglar alarm system, you can choose from wired, wireless, or hybrid alarms.

For condo owners or renters who can’t have hardwired systems, wireless alarm systems are ideal and convenient.

A completely wireless system utilizes individual sensors in your home that communicate to a central monitoring panel using, in most cases, radio frequency technology. Using a cellular uplink, the control panel then communicates to the outside – a monitoring center. For homes without landlines, wireless systems are necessary. In many cases, wireless systems save you money from installation costs. A unique advantage that wireless systems provide is portability. For renters, this is a huge advantage as the alarm system can be relocated when moving to another home. Since they are battery operated, your home still enjoys complete protection even during power outages.

Hardwired systems connect sensors to the control panel using a wired network that is hidden in the floors and walls. It uses your home’s landline to communicate.

A disadvantage of wireless systems is reliability. Various sources of interference can cause failure of your sensors to respond or respond inappropriately such as in false alarms. You also need to make sure that the batteries are working.

You can talk to security alarm experts about the best alarm system for your home when you request for 3homeprotectionquotes.


How Alarm Systems Protect Your Property

House with Alarm and Video Surveillance Cameras

House with Alarm and Video Surveillance Cameras

Every burglar alarm system operates on one basic premise – secure windows and doors and areas with valuables including antiques, paintings, jewelry or cash, and other assets. No matter the size of a home, the number of security devices or components placed throughout the area is monitored by a control panel.

A home security system generally has:

  • a control panel which controls the security system
  • sensors for doors and windows
  • exterior and interior motion sensors
  • hard-wired or wireless cameras
  • a siren or alarm
  • yard sign and window stickers stating that the property is protected by a security system

Indoor burglar alarms can use detectors such as heat and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, glass break detectors, microwave detectors, photo-electric beams, ultrasonic detectors or passive infrared detectors.

On the other hand, outdoor alarms use e-field or h-field detectors, fiber optic cable, microwave barriers, inertia or shaker sensors, passive magnetic field detectors, microphonic systems, and taut wire fence systems.

There are alarm systems that are designed solely for burglary protection but majority of home security systems are combination systems providing both fire and burglary protection. They can also have closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance capabilities to record intrusion.

It only takes a few seconds for your home to be lost to a fire or your life to be in danger because of an intruder.

Watch a video below to see how a security alarm system works to save lives and properties.


Additional Security Features of Modern Home Security Systems

Panic button for seniors or convalescing patients

Panic button for seniors or convalescing patients

Your home security system can offer so much more than burglary and fire protection. Thanks to modern alarm technology, many alarm companies provide more than just basic protection. Today, many households in Canada enjoy security and life-changing technologies from the home security system including medical and panic alerts, home automation, and central monitoring.

Medical and Panic Buttons

If you have an ill or convalescing family member alone at home, you would feel anxious all the time about his condition. A medical alert or panic button allows a central monitoring station to check the status of a person with a panic device that can be worn as a bracelet or a pendant. In case of emergency, a senior citizen can obtain emergency assistance with the press of a button.

This is significant because it offers the chance at independent living for seniors. Even if alone at home, they are always assured of being able to call quickly without having to dial a phone. This device is also helpful for those who are at risk for falls or difficult symptoms due to existing medical conditions.

An emergency assistance team is immediately summoned and responds quickly when a medical alert is received by the monitoring center.

Medical panic buttons can easily be added as a feature to your home security system.

Camera Technology – Video Surveillance Monitoring

Decals and yard signs are effective deterrents against crime

Decals and yard signs are effective deterrents against crime

You know what is going on in your home even in your absence. You can view video of your property in real time with your smartphone or tablet. This capability assures you at all times that your family and your home are safe.
Recorded images also help with police work when crime is committed inside or outside your home. High-performing DVRs allow recording and playback of camera footage with options to pan or zoom cameras to specific events or areas.

When you have employees in your home, whether temporary or long-term, this safety feature ensures nothing happens that you don’t know about, giving you total control over your home.

Fire alarm Monitoring – Round the Clock Protection from Fire

Your home alarm system should have an accurate and reliable fire detection and notification system. This security solution gives life-saving information at critical times and can be depended upon to protect homes and office buildings.

The use of multi-criteria detectors such as smoke and heat detectors help to distinguish fire and non-fire situations to eliminate false alarms. Some systems use the presence of smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide for optimum reliability.

If you have a monitored home security system, the monitoring center is immediately notified when a fire alert is triggered. After quick verification, the monitoring team is responsible for notifying the fire department and medical response team as necessary.

Flood and Water Alert Systems – Identify Leaks and Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Water damage will require extensive repairs and huge repair bills

Water damage will require extensive repairs and huge repair bills

Your home security system can have water leak monitoring and shut-off solutions regardless of your property size and budget.

This security feature is especially important if your property is unoccupied at certain times for long periods of time such as with vacation homes or summer cabins.

If a water leak is undetected for a long time, it can result in massive water damage that would mean astronomical repair expenses, not to mention a huge water bill.

You can have peace of mind that your property is always protected from water damage or fire with a reliable home security system Toronto.



Home Automation Systems – Lights, Security, Temperature, and More Even on the Go

Smart home concept – unbeatable convenience and savings with full control of your home devices

Smart home concept – unbeatable convenience and savings with full control of your home devices

Home automation, also called the Internet of Things, allows networking of all devices and appliances in one network for seamless remote control over everything in your home.

A home automation system allows you to dictate how and when devices are to react. You can set schedules based on your personal preferences for your lighting and temperature, entertainment like music and television, so you can have full control and get more savings from your smart home.

What can you do with home automation? You never have to come home to a dark home. You cam program your heater 5 minutes before you wake up when the weather is chilly so it is warm or even set your home audio system from your bed.

Most importantly, safeguard your home by being able to monitor from your smartphone your water sensors and surveillance cameras so you can react as needed at a moment’s notice.


Service Areas in Greater Toronto Area – Providing Security Wherever you are

Greater Toronto Area – thousands of homes and businesses are secured by monitored security alarm systems

Greater Toronto Area – thousands of homes and businesses are secured by monitored security alarm systems

No matter what part of the city your home is, we got you covered. Our partner alarm companies install and service the following areas for all kinds of Toronto alarm systems:

  • Central Toronto and East York
  • Etobicoke and York
  • North York
  • Scarborough

Halton Region

  • Milton
  • Halton Hills
  • Oakville
  • Burlington

Durham Region:

  • Pickering
  • Ajax
  • Oshawa
  • Scugog
  • Whitby
  • Clarington
  • Uxbridge
  • Brock

York Region

  • Vaughan
  • Richmond Hill
  • Markham
  • Aurora
  • Newmarket
  • Whitchuch-Stouffville
  • East Gwillimbury
  • Georgina
  • King

Peel Region

  • Brampton
  • Caledon
  • Mississauga

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