Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs

Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs

How much do you think it will cost to fix water damage or flood damage to your home? No matter what type of home you have, repair costs will probably be substantial and would certainly dent your bank account.

Nobody wants to think of unfortunate events but they do happen. Water leak and damage in homes can be caused by:

  • Burst water pipes
  • faulty pumps
  • faulty appliances like washing machines
  • cracked building foundation
  • heavy rains and flood
  • sewer problems

With a flood alarm system, you are instantly alerted of a problem so you can address the issue before critical damage happens.

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Whether you are home or away on vacation, you can have peace of mind that your home is protected from flood or water damage.

Protect Your Second Home Or Rental Property With Water Alert Systems

Water damage from leaking pipe can result in huge repairs and stress

Water damage from leaking pipe can result in huge repairs and stress

Canada has not been immune to floods. In June 2013, Alberta experienced severe rainfall that caused tremendous flooding in the area, the worst ever in the province’s history.  In Calgary, an estimated 26 neighborhoods were evacuated when rivers spilled over and flooded communities, with more than 75,000 residents affected.  Although natural disasters like these are unpredictable and beyond our control, every second that you get warned early really counts.

Every year, property owners in Canada realize how expensive and disastrous water damage can be.  For instance, there are many insurance claims from water damage in homes due to leaking pipes, failed water heaters, and overflowing toilets. The contents of the home and the structure itself can be destroyed, needing costly repairs or replacement.  If you are on vacation when it happens, the water can remain undetected for many days, causing even more damage.

Flooding can go on for hours, especially when nobody is home. It can cause a lot of damage to a property. When you have a flood detection system, you are instantly alerted if flooding happens in your home.  Local communities in Greater Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, the Lower Mainland area, and Ontario benefit significantly from security alarm systems that provide monitoring for flood, burglary and intrusion, and fire.

Flood alarm sensors can prevent or minimize water damage to your home.  These sensors are strategically placed in areas of your home where flood is likely to occur such as laundry rooms, basements, and crawl spaces.  Once the alarm goes off, the monitoring center will notify you to check on your situation and send a response team if needed.

With a monitored security system with flood detection, you can depend on fast response from your monitoring center.

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Below is a short video showing types of water detection systems that can help prevent extensive damage to your property and huge expenses on repairs.

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How To Get Home Security With Flood Alarm Monitoring

Talk to a security expert from Canadian alarm companies for best security solutions

Talk to a security expert from Canadian alarm companies for best security solutions

Leaking pipes are no small problem. Aside from wasting water and a high water bill, seepage or flooding from backed-up drain or broken pipes can cause a lot of damage to furniture, appliances, and even important documents.

Did you know that you can get an early warning system for flooding at just a small price?  You can receive a notification on your smartphone so you can take quick action and protect your property from extensive damage.

There are DIY flood alert systems in the market. You have a choice of installing them and obtaining monitoring or not. You can also obtain a professionally installed home security system that includes central monitoring, flood detection, fire alarms, and burglary protection.

Professionally installed home security systems offer the unique assurance of someone keeping watch over your property whether you are home or not.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find that many plans are quite affordable so you can get a broad range of protection systems that work 24/7, 365 days a year.

Commercial Flood Detection Systems – Avoid Losses Due To Water Damage

Protect your valuable inventory from water or flood damage with flood sensors

Protect your valuable inventory from water or flood damage with flood sensors

When you have a business, you put in long hours and a lot of hard work to make it a success. You don’t want your efforts to go to waste because of lack of security and protection. Small and large businesses need protection based on the threats they face.

Professional security alarm companies have developed security solutions to address threats of flooding, fire, and theft that can really cause financial losses to business owners.

When you request an alarm company to help, it will conduct a comprehensive and meticulous assessment of your premises to provide you with a security system proposal that is unique to your needs. The aim is to prevent a threat or to detect a threat at the earliest opportunity.

Why stop at flood detection when you can avail of a security system that checks on all fronts so you have peace of mind at all times?

Your alarm company can place motion detectors strategically in your premises, glass break detectors on doors and windows, contacts on entry and exit points, video surveillance cameras in your perimeter and indoors, and flood sensors

in basements and other flood-prone areas. Further, smoke and heat detectors can also be installed in your building to alert you and the fire department of a fire.

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DIY Vs. Professionally Installed Home Security Devices – Review Of The Pros And Cons

Some sensors and other security devices can be DIY installations

Some sensors and other security devices can be DIY installations

Knowing how essential it is for your home to have a security alarm system with flood monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, fire alarm, and burglary protection, the next step is to consider whether you prefer a DIY security system or a professionally installed one.

There are pros and cons to both choices although most security experts recommend professional installation for many reasons.  In general, it is cheaper to use DIY installation. Below are some important facts to think about before you make your decision.

Benefits from Professional Installation of Home Alarm Systems

Professionally installed systems take away the stress of installing it yourself.  When you order your security alarm system, you specify a time that the professional installer can do it while you are at home.  For some companies, your security system can be installed almost immediately, eliminating any waiting period.

You also benefit from their professional experience.  They will ensure your system is properly configured and set up and will explain the ins and outs of your security system.  If there should be a technical problem, alarm companies will be happy to troubleshoot the problem.

A drawback to professional installation is the cost.  It usually means a higher upfront cost, including activation fees.  You can get lucky because many alarm companies provide cost saving benefits such as promotions and limited time offers, or equipment upgrades.

Can you really save with DIY Installation?

You can really save money with DIY installation. By installing your security system yourself, you can do it at your own convenience and configure your system as your wish.  There are alarm companies that provide DIY security devices and by owning the equipment, you can do away with fees and take your alarm with you when you move.

For the most part, DIY installation is easy and minimal.  As they are usually wireless, you just need to place sensors in strategic areas of your home and your control panel to activate the system.

Are there any drawbacks to DIY alarm systems? Firstly, you may not be accurate in determining your security needs and miss out on professional advice.  In many cases, you will need to purchase the equipment outright.  If there is trouble in the future, such as a fire or a burglary and your alarm didn’t work, you could run into problems with claims if your system was not correctly installed.


What other security devices can be included in a monitored home security system?

Security devices that can be part of a broad home security protection system includes motion sensors, water or flood alerts, smoke detectors, panic buttons, low and high temperature sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, glass break detectors, door and window sensors, and surveillance cameras.

Can I still get a monitored system for fire and flood if I don’t have a landline?

Yes, even without a landline, major security alarm companies offer other options for wireless security systems that make use of 2-way voice technology (VOIP) or other internet-based communication systems.

Can I get a security system with fire and flood monitoring without drilling?

There are many wireless security devices offered by alarm companies that don’t require any drilling.

What happens if a flood alert goes off and I am unavailable?

If any of your home alerts go off, for a monitored system, the monitoring center initiate a verification process by contacting you or any other listed contact.  If that fails, they will send an emergency assistance team to your home if necessary and contact the Fire department.

Where is the best place to buy DIY water sensors and smoke detectors?

There are many places you can find DIY water sensors and smoke detectors starting from hardware retailers to online retailers. However, it pays to start with professional and experienced security alarm companies to ensure that your devices are dependable. Many alarm companies offer DIY options for home security.

I already have a fire alarm system and surveillance system for my retail business. Am I required to add water detection too?

A retail business needs protection from water damage as your inventory is too valuable to place at risk in case of flood. You can benefit from adding water detection to your existing system and also enjoy lower business insurance premiums.

Cheat Sheet For Comparing Security Alarm Companies

Apples to oranges – compare alarm companies by differentiating level of protection and service

Apples to oranges – compare alarm companies by differentiating level of protection and service

Reputable Security Alarm companies in Canada go all out to offering their clients the best in terms of security protection, convenience, affordability, and service.  While these alarm companies basically offer the same types of protection, there are still major differences when it comes to fees, terms and conditions, and service. It is thus necessary to compare various alarm companies before making a final choice.

What should you look into when doing your comparison? To ensure you are not comparing apples to oranges, below are easy factors you can tick off in your search.

Level of Protection

Many alarm companies offer standard and premium plans for home and business security. When looking at the cost factor, do check what the price covers. Some basic plans only offer burglary protection while other basic plans also include monitoring for fire, water, temperature, carbon monoxide and panic buttons.  In short, cheaper isn’t always better.

Security Monitoring Contract Terms and Conditions

Aside from the monthly fee, most homeowners are concerned with the length of the monitoring agreement. A monitoring agreement is standard in the industry and also works to protect the consumer from unexpected price increases.

While there are month to month contracts, most reputable alarm companies require 2 years or 36 months lock-in period.  The bill is generally split in two, one covers the partial payment for the equipment while the other half is monitoring fee.  There are also companies that allow free use of their equipment for as long as you subscribe to their monitoring service.

You should also look into the conditions of your monitoring agreement. Some alarm companies don’t charge if you relocate your alarm system to a new home while others may charge for relocation depending on the length of your subscription.

Customer Service and Product Reviews

A good measure of an alarm company’s performance is customer service reviews. You should take the time to read customer feedback about the alarm system and alarm company you choose.  Reputable alarm companies may charge a higher fee for higher quality of service.

You can get started with your comparison of home security systems and alarm companies offering flood monitoring today. Click request 3homeprotectionquotes and get affordable solutions from member companies of the Canadian Security Association.