Edmunston, New Brunswick has a strategic location – just a few minutes away from Quebec’s border, and Maine, USA.

Whether you’ve been living in Edmunston for years or just moved recently, it is high time to review your home security for your peace of mind.

This city of 21,903 residents (as of 2011) is protected and served by the Edmunston Police Force.  While police officers keep your city safe, as a homeowner, it is up to you to make sure your home is also safe.

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Keep Danger Away with the Right Home Alarm System

The home should be the safest place we can be. However, danger can come without warning.

For our security, we always keep our doors locked, windows secured, and report any suspicious activity in the area to the police.


While these safety precautions surely help, are they enough to protect you from harm?

Statistics Canada’s report regarding criminal activity state that RCMP detachments in the province handled around 39,552 crimes in 2015.

Property crimes is one of the most prevalent police-reported crimes in Edmunston, with thefts accounting to majority of the incidents.


Prevent Burglary with a Burglar Alarm System

What do you think will happen if a burglar breaks-in to your home while you are at work? Without a burglar alarm system, you can only hope that a neighbor sees something and calls the police.

One of the most basic protections from a home security system is anti-intrusion and intrusion and burglary protection. If you have an active home security system, door and window sensors, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras will trigger an alarm and send you an alert.  If you have a monitored alarm, the monitoring center will receive the alert and notify the police immediately.

Surveillance cameras will also record the burglary to provide evidence that will help to capture the perpetrator.

Studies show that burglars tend to avoid houses with home alarm systems.

You can avoid becoming a victim of theft or burglary with a professional home alarm system.

Along with a burglar alarm, you can also get a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors for increased home security.

You can visit Edmunston Police Force for information on services and programs.


Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fire is a huge threat to homeowners not only because it can wipe out everything you own but also endanger the lives of family members.

Research shows that residential fires that completely destroyed homes and killed or injured people were in homes that did not have a working fire alarm system.

When fire breaks out, seconds can spell the difference between life and death.  Contained immediately, it can save your home from total destruction.

Smoke and heat detectors are essential components of a home security system.  When an alarm is triggered, it sends an alert to your smartphone or signals to a monitoring center.  The fire department is immediately notified to respond to the emergency. Medical responders are also immediately called to the scene.


Carbon Monoxide Kills

Carbon monoxide is a poison that kills. What makes it so dangerous is the fact that it is almost impossible to detect as it is colorless and odorless.  When it is inhaled from the air in your home, you can become dizzy, nauseous, and pass out.

Even minutes of exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal.  According to Statistics Canada, over 380 deaths from carbon monoxide were reported from 2000 to 2009.

Fire and Public health officials recommend taking steps to reduce the danger from carbon monoxide.  One of them is to install carbon monoxide detectors in every floor of a residence, especially near sleeping areas.

Installing a home alarm system with carbon monoxide detectors will make sure that you are alerted to any danger and receive assistance in an emergency.


How to Choose the Right Home Alarm System for your Protection

Choosing from among many different types of home alarm systems can be very confusing.  To save you time, we have listed the things you need to consider to guide you in your choice.


1. DIY Alarm or Professional Installation

Alarm companies offer different types of systems. Some companies like Frontpoint offer wireless, DIY alarms while ADT offers professional installation.

Both options have their pros and cons.  Professionally-installed alarm systems may have a one-time fee but alarm packages usually offer free alarm equipment.  You can let trained experts assess your home’s physical layout and position sensors correctly.  You have the assurance that installation is done properly.

DIY systems, on the other hand, may cost less but you have to install them yourself.  Reliability of the alarms also depend on correct installation and proper maintenance.


2. Type of Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring of your alarm system is the most critical because your alarm only workds if someone is checking and responding to it.  Monitoring methods offered by alarm providers are not equal.  There are 3 types of methods – broadband, cellular, and landline.

  • ✓ Landline monitoring requires a phone line and is the most traditional method. By today’s modern standards, it is considered outdated but is the cheapest option. If you live in a remote location with weak or unstable cellular signals, you might want to consider a landline and hard-wired system.  It is also the most susceptible to tampering.
  • ✓ Broadband monitoring requires internet connection to communicate with a monitoring center. It is considered safer and faster. The disadvantage is that in times when your internet is down, your alarm system will not work.  Most homeowners who use this type of monitoring also have a landline connection as a back-up.
  • ✓ Cellular monitoring requires a cellular connection. It is considered the most reliable but is also more expensive. It is easier to use because it doesn’t require any wiring.  Companies offering DIY systems use cellular monitoring.  You must make sure your area has great cellular coverage to choose this option.

Some companies offer hybrid systems which combine any of these methods.  ADT, for example, offers all 3 types of options for flexibility.


3. Alarm Features and Technology

One of the most innovative technology in the alarm industry is home automation.  It lets you do almost anything with what’s in your home – lock and unlock doors, control temperature remotely, turn lights on or off, view video surveillance from your phone or tablet, and much more.

Alarm packages offering home automation features are more expensive than basic packages.  You’ll also need broadband or cellular connections to get home automation.


4. Monthly Fees

An alarm system is an investment. You should compare activation fee, monthly package fees, cancellation fee, relocation fee, and service fees.  Alarm companies offer different price points depending on the type of alarm and package you choose.

If you simply want a simple alarm package with burglary and fire protection, you can opt for a basic package.

For example, ADT offers alarm packages for as little as $1.50 a day with a one-time installation charge.  It is important to compare different alarm packages from leading alarm companies in Edmunston.


5. Customer Feedback

Your alarm system is a long-term commitment, with most alarm companies requiring a lock-in period of 3 years.  Since your home security is for your safety, it is important that you receive great customer support from your provider.

You can check customer reviews on the internet and look up the alarm company’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

It is easy to compare different brands and packages of home security systems with free home alarm quotes from our partner alarm companies.


Consider the Benefits of a Monitored Home Security System

It is understandable that you don’t want to spend too much on a home security system. The truth is that you can’t look for an alarm system wanting to get the cheapest price.  There is no price to the safety and security of your home and family but you can compare packages to get the best deal.

With this approach in mind, remember that an alarm system is not only for keeping burglars or intruders out.  Your home alarm system can protect you on so many different levels – against fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and assist you in personal or medical emergencies.

However, your home security system is only as good as the person in charge of it.  If you purchase a DIY alarm system without a monitoring service, you must be available to react to any alarm in a timely manner.  In case of fire or burglary, you are responsible for calling the fire department or the police.

One of the most important benefits of a monitored alarm system is support.  You can become overcome by smoke, get injured, and unable to call 911.  But with a monitored system, the monitoring center immediately reacts to any alarm and summons fire, medical, or police responders in a timely manner.


With home alarm monitoring, you have peace of mind that someone is always at the other end to give the help you need in any kind of emergency.

If you think about it, a home security system is a small investment to have that can protect your home and your loved ones.


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