Home Alarm Systems South Shore of Montreal

Do you worry about the safety of your home and its contents?  It is right to be concerned about the safety of a property in South Shore of Montreal from burglars and all sorts of criminals.

A home security system offers reliable anti-theft, fire, and home automation features to give you peace of mind.  You need to find a home security company with a proven track record and affordable alarm solutions.


We Can Help You Find the Best Home Security System

We Can Help You Find the Best Home Security System

Home alarm system installation is the specialty of our partner alarm companies.  With years of experience and countless satisfied customers, they provide the best home security solutions to residents in South Shore of Montreal.

You can compare home alarm systems and home security packages from the convenience of your home.

Just fill-out our online form and tell us what you need for home security and you are sure to receive the best home alarm quotes from leading alarm providers in Canada.




Your home is your most important asset.  For this reason, you want to keep an eye on your property when you are away from home.  You also want to know what is going on inside your home with your kids, your employee, and even your pets.

A good home security system has an efficient video surveillance system. Home security cameras have endless options for security.

  • ✓ Indoor and outdoor monitoring
  • ✓ Motion detection
  • ✓ Sound
  • ✓ Night vision
  • ✓ Live stream
  • ✓ Cloud storage


One of the benefits of installing a home security system with video surveillance is crime prevention.  CCTV cameras scare off potential intruders.  In case a crime occurs, the video recording is indisputable proof that is very useful in prosecuting criminals.




60% of fire-related deaths occur in homes with no smoke detectors or fire alarms.  Fire protection is one of the most important benefits of a home security system.

A home with a monitored alarm system also has the advantage of quick response.  The fire department is notified in minutes of a fire emergency that can help prevent extensive damage and loss.  More importantly, a fire alarm system immediately notifies you of a dangerous situation before it is too late.




Home automation enhances a home security system by giving a homeowner with total control and access to everything inside the house.  Parents can unlock a door for kids, or let in trusted persons or visitors without having to leave a key under the doormat.

You can turn off and on lights as needed, adjust temperature, and even turn off a forgotten appliance from afar.


High Cost of Not Having Home Protection

High Cost of Not Having Home Protection

The cost of not having a home security system is far greater than buying one.  If you are concerned about the safety of your home and your family, the most effective safety measure is to install a home security system.

A home security system protects everything you have worked hard for. But while material things can be replaced, the safety of a family is priceless.

It can take as little as $1 to ensure your home is safe from crime and other dangers. Learn how you can increase the safety of your home with best home security systems in South Shore Montreal.


Home alarm installations are available in the South Shore of Montreal:

Boucherville Chambly Saint Hubert La Prairie
Varennes McMasterville Saint Lambert Sorel-Tracy
Sainte-Julie Mont-St-Hilaire Candiac Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
Vercheres Longueuil Châteauguay Saint Hyacinth
Beloeil Brossard Delson


Not sure what kind of home security system you need? You can also get a free home visit from an alarm specialist to advise you on the best home security system for your home. It’s free and no obligation!




It is very unsettling to return to a home that has been broken into.  With a good home security system, you get a sense of safety and reliable protection from burglars who are looking for a house to rob.

What you pay for?

What you pay for

A homeowner generally pays for the equipment cost and monitoring fees.  Depending on the alarm company’s packages and whether you decide to purchase the alarm system outright or on installment, you could also pay for installation costs.

Most alarm companies offer a basic package and others with more security features, including central monitoring.  You can pay anywhere from $30 to $75 for monthly fees.

For example, ADT, Canada’s leading alarm provider, offers 5 different packages to choose from. For only $9 a week, you can get basic essentials for home security but for $14 a week, you can have a comprehensive security system plus home automation package.


You Can Choose your Level of Security

You Can Choose your Level of Security

For most alarm companies, the installation fee is a one-time charge and varies depending on your security package.

The overall cost of your home security system is influenced by the sophistication and number of components you choose.  Home alarms have a central control panel, keypads, sensors, and alarms.  Wired or wireless, the prices of these components vary on their complexity.

For instance, larger homes may require more cameras inside and outside while some homeowners may want to have panic buttons or medical alerts or home automation.


Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems

Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems

Installation of a basic home alarm system can take a few hours but with a professional installer, it is easy and hassle-free.  It is especially easy when done while building a new house.  Some individuals with knowledge in electrical components can also go with DIY home alarm systems.

Not all homes, however, can have hard-wired alarm systems.  Components of wireless alarm systems are battery-powered and keep touch with a monitor device in the home.

Monitored or Unmonitored

Monitored or Unmonitored

As you compare home security options, you may be wondering whether you need a monitored or unmonitored system.

Unmonitored systems cost less but you may want to consider other aspects of your home security before you decide.


Pros and Cons of Unmonitored Security Systems

  • Easy installation: Unmonitored systems are ideal for those who like DIY projects. You can install only the devices that you want.
  • Low Cost: Unmonitored systems don’t have central monitoring services so there are no monthly monitoring fees.

We would be remiss if we don’t point out the disadvantages of unmonitored alarm systems.

  • Less reliable: A monitored system has higher level of security because with an unmonitored system, you are on your own.
  • No automatic response: If you need help due to fire or a break-in, you will need to call the emergency response services yourself. On the other hand, monitored systems have built-in response to emergency situations including contacting the police, fire department, or medical emergency services.

You have the freedom of choice when it comes to your home protection.  You can go with an unmonitored home alarm system if you are sure you can do your own monitoring at all times.

It is quite hard to put a price tag on something as important as your security.  If you want more protection for your home and family, a monitored system may just be the ideal solution.



It can be pretty confusing to select the right alarm company.  You can use these questions to evaluate the best alarm provider so you get the most value for your money.

    1. How long is the security contract?
    2. How much will it cost to install my alarm system?
    3. How long has the company been in business in your area?
    4. Where are the monitoring centers located?
    5. What is the response time for emergencies?
    6. What is the protocol for verification of emergencies with homeowners?
    7. What happens if I need to move?
    8. What are the warranties on my home alarm system?

With information you obtain, you can more easily assess the right alarm company to provide your home protection.  You can also use genuine customer reviews to evaluate satisfaction among users.



In order to find the best home security system, you need to compare home security packages from top alarm companies.

Not all homes are created equal; alarm companies provide different solutions that suit individual lifestyles and needs.

We have partnered with leading alarm companies in Canada to provide home security solutions.  When you request 3 home protection quotes, you will receive home security packages that make installation of a home alarm system easy and affordable.