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Are you looking to upgrade your home security system and don’t know where to start?

Have you checked out various brands and models only to feel even more confused?

Shopping for the best home security system can be overwhelming.  With your home and your family’s security on the line, you want to make sure you get best protection system your money can buy.

We have prepared this review of 2 of the most intuitive and smartest home security systems in the market.  We will you show you the most complete and easy to understand comparison of features and benefits to help you make the best decision.

Honeywell Total Connect and Alarm.com are the most widely used by security companies out there



You can have complete control of your home security with a smart app

Two of the biggest names in home protection systems today are Alarm.com and Honeywell.

With their advanced alarm technology, you won’t need to use a keypad control panel with your home protection.

Honeywell is one the biggest global manufacturers of security and automation solutions for homeowners and businesses.  Providing protection against intrusion, fire, and home automation, plus the most advanced IP video and access control, they offer technologies for connected businesses and homes.

This company has over a century of experience in delivery efficient security solutions.  Customers need to purchase their security products through dealers who can take care of installation of your selected security devices.  Honeywell does not provide monitoring service of security systems, including Total Connect.  You need to find a service provider for Total Connect to work.

With its Honeywell Total Connect 2.0, a homeowner can have control over the security system as well as Z-Wave enabled devices like thermostat, lights, and locks.  This means you can disarm and arm your system from afar or unlock the door remotely.  With the app, you have full management of your protection system no matter where you are.

Alarm.com has provided over 2 million homes with protection systems using advanced alarm technology.  As a security solution, it is sold and supported exclusively by a network of authorized service providers across the country.

With their intuitive apps, customers get access to interactive security, video monitoring, energy management, smart automation, and wellness.  All these services can be managed using an internet-enabled device like laptop or smartphone.


Check out below the advanced features and benefits of these two award-winning home protection systems to see which would offer better protection for your home or your business.



Alarm.com iPhone app – Keeps you on the know 247

In recent years it has become obvious that home security industry has totally revolutionized with interactive services.  The basic numerical keypad that defines traditional alarm systems can now be controlled from a mobile device.  Honeywell and Alarm.com both offer these advantages but there are still some unique features for each one.

   Features and Benefits   Honeywell Connect          Alarm.Com
Smartphone App
Real- time Alerts
Video monitoring
Lighting Control
Temperature Control
Compatibility with other Systems
Video Doorbell  X
Provides system monitoring  X  X
Home automation



As you can see, both brands have a long track record for secure and reliable security equipment and used by millions of customers.

But they also have some limitations which you can consider when choosing your home alarm.



Honeywell authorized dealers can be found throughout the US and Canada

Honeywell is not a security monitoring company.  You need to obtain a monitoring contract with a third party service provider.

If you decide to purchase on your own, you have to install yourself which can be challenging.  HVAC certification is also required.

You can buy a total Honeywell Connect system with an authorized dealer.  The dealer can do the installation.  You cannot buy it online; different dealers may offer different packages.

Monthly monitoring rates can start at $35 to $45 for basic and premium services.

There are many homeowners out there with older systems installed in their homes.  Some of these equipment may still be used when upgrading to the Total Connect system with a hardwired translator device.

Of course it all sounds fabulous but it may not always be practical.  To be more specific, smaller homes may not require home automation as turning lights on and off are not such a big deal.  This type of system is more suitable for larger homes.

If you already have an existing Honeywell system, you can upgrade by downloading the app and subscribing to a Honeywell Total Connect package with an authorized security professional.

Want to see what you can do with a Honeywell Total Connect? Check out the video below.



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Alarm.com is not a security company but rather a white label mobile app service that is used by dozens of home security companies.  In fact, most companies use it with their business logo. Hence, it is a big possibility that you are using alarm.com without realizing it.

It is available from authorized dealers and supported by independent authorized service providers.  It lets you access your garage doors, video cameras, flood sensors, security sensors, shades, lights, thermostats, and everything else in your home from a single app.

But like Honeywell, alarm.com does not provide security monitoring services.  You will also need to find a third party service provider for your monthly monitoring contract.  However, there are many popular security companies that use Alarm.com products and service such as Frontpoint, Protection One, and Protect America.

The company also has authorized dealers that use their app.  It can work flawlessly with Honeywell and GE equipment which makes the brand ideal for most security systems in the market.

A critical factor to consider would be internet signal in your area.  As this is a wireless home alarm system, it relies on the strength of your internet signal.

You can see what alarm.com can do for your home from the video below.



Security of your home and your family is always in your hands


What do you want from your home alarm system? 

Traditionally, a home alarm system provides burglar and fire protection features.  With an installed control panel, you can arm and disarm the system from your keypad and with central monitoring, receive assistance from police and other authorities during emergencies.

Today, however, a home alarm system can do so much more.  It can give you total control over your home and let you stay connected with your family at all times.  You can check on the kids when they come home from school, be alerted of people on your property, and even control your lights and thermostat from a distance.

So in choosing your home protection system, it is important to understand the various features and benefits you can obtain so you can buy what is most suitable for your needs.  Not everyone may want home automation and be interested only in some other features like video monitoring and burglar protection.

Let’s discuss the features of these 2 amazing home protection systems side by side.



Both the Honeywell and Alarm.com home protection system offers remote services that allows you to access and control your home no matter where you are. With the use of an internet-enabled device like a smartphone or a laptop, you can check your home, your family, arm and disarm your system, even open and close doors with your device.

This eliminates the need to access a control panel in the home.  This means your peace of mind and security is always in your hands.



This feature allows you to view live video to keep track of your relatives, kids, pets, and your property.  With Honeywell Total Connect, you can view up to 6 cameras.  The system’s remote control function works with clear internet connection. With slow internet speed, you may wait for the mobile app a long time to complete a command.

Alarm.com offers the capability for interacting and recording video with the use of IP security cameras.  You’ll be able to receive photos or videos during alarm events and be notified so you can check your live video feed.



Alarm.com’s video doorbell is fully integrated in your security systemThis security feature is very convenient as it lets you see who’s at the door and allows you to speak to a visitor from a speaker and camera.

With two-way audio conversation to visitors, you can monitor deliveries and even unlock the front door from the same screen.  You can also lock the door when the visitor leaves.

This smart doorbell is also equipped to record and send motion-detected or doorbell-activated clips which can also be triggered by your garage door.  The motion sensor can trigger porch lighting and other devices to deter burglars.

Want undisturbed sleep? You can put your doorbell on Do Not Disturb mode for an hour or so. You will get an alert if someone is at the door but you have the option to answer or not.

With this feature, you can answer the door, monitor your kids, catch suspicious persons, sleep undisturbed and secure delivery of packages.



With Honeywell and Alarm.com home protection systems, you are always informed with e-mails, text message or video alerts about real time events. Know when your child arrives home and when there is sensor activity.



For second-home owners or large homes, this alarm feature is super practical and convenient.  Honeywell’s Z-Wave enabled lighting, thermostat, and locks allows you to access them even from across the world.

Not to be left behind, Alarm.com also offers energy management which prevents waste of energy with your full access to thermostat and lights.  You can also detect water leaks which your system will proactively shut off.



Honeywell Total Connect also has tracking services using GPS technology.  This allows business and home owners to track assets and vehicles in real time with their mobile devices.  This feature helps you to track elderly relatives, stolen goods, teenage drivers, or recover missing vehicles.

With these advanced features, it is like you are never away from home.  If you are tech-savvy, want remote access to your home alarm system, and want more control over what happens in your home, you will love the latest technology from Honeywell and Alarm.com.



Both systems need to be purchased from authorized dealers.  They also work with a several well-established security companies so that people can use a DIY approach to connecting their home devices to the platform.

These companies don’t disclose prices over the phone or on their websites. But as an example, in California, the system costs:

  • $199.00 for installation
  • $69.88 for monthly monitoring for 36 months

Your start-up costs will depend on your choices for devices. For example, you can choose to have more cameras or opt not to have a video doorbell.

When shopping for the latest in home alarm technology, you can expect to pay starting costs for a high end system and monthly packages.

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