Best Alarm Systems In Laval

Laval has seen low crime rates in the last decade but the city has not been immune to violent crime.

Break and entry crimes are still a threat to people. For a city of its size, urban crime cannot be eliminated completely.  It is important for homeowners to take their own safety precautions by employing efficient and reliable home security systems.

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A good alarm system protects your home and the ones you love.  With that in mind, home security systems has seen rapid development in technology and offers cutting-edge products to make homeowners feel safer than ever.

Long ago, an alarm system would simply sound an alarm if you fail to punch in your code.  A signal was sent if an emergency occurs.


From Basic to Wireless Technology

From Basic to Wireless Technology

That’s all in the past. Today, wireless home security systems allow installation of an alarm system without drilling through walls.  It has also made possible remote monitoring that does not rely on telephone lines.

Wireless cameras and sensors are so advanced that a homeowner has total and non-stop access and control over everything that is inside the home.  Major home security providers today offer wireless packages for more convenience and safety.


What Security Does Your Home Need

What Security Does Your Home Need?

Basic security features are essential to any home alarm system. Door chimes, alarms, and sensors are must-haves and the control panel is still the most important component that can connect to a remote alarm monitoring system.

In the last few years, more innovative and advanced features have dramatically enhanced a home security system’s capabilities.


Camera Technology

Camera Technology

Advances in imaging and video technology have made mobile miniature megapixels in smartphones and webcams possible.  Likewise, the role of video surveillance has significantly increased with full color HD camera feeds.  Remote controls allow us to zoom individual cameras or pan to see what’s going on in every room of the home.


Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation technology is one of biggest trends in home security systems.

Its 2-way wireless communication and mobile app lets you:

  • ✓ See inside the home and control everything else from anywhere you are
  • ✓ Get real-time information from a smartphone
  • ✓ See the feed of the cameras from your device
  • ✓ Turn lights on and off
  • ✓ Lock or unlock doors
  • ✓ Deactivate the alarm
  • ✓ Control thermostat


Improved Basic Features

Improved Basic Features

Basic features have been upgraded to make them more reliable.  There are more types of sensors available for windows, control panel, humidity and temperature sensors, fire, flood, smoke and motion detectors.

State of the art photoelectric technology and ionization uses broadband communication for up to the minute assessment of the home’s air quality.  In the past, smoke detectors let you know if something’s burning in the oven. Today, temperature sensors alert you to presence of carbon dioxide and other dangerous changes in the air inside your home.




One of the most pressing questions that homeowners have regarding their home alarm system is whether to buy alarms that can be installed DIY or to get professionally installed home alarms.

One of the most important benefits of a DIY alarm system is cost.  You don’t pay an installer but you can still get the traditional features of a security system at just a fraction of the price.

If you are renting a home or apartment in Laval and you feel that a monitored system is not for you, you may want to consider DIY alarm systems.


Pros and Cons of DIY Home Alarm Systems

Pros and Cons of DIY Home Alarm Systems

By choosing a DIY system, you can save on installation costs. Many DIY alarms are wireless and easy to install.  You don’t need to drill holes and you can set them up or remove at your convenience.

There are also no contracts or monthly fees for DIY alarms unless you choose a company to provide remote monitoring.

Some of the disadvantages of DIY Home Alarms are:

  • ✓ Nobody is monitoring your home. In case of an emergency, you will need to contact the authorities yourself.
  • ✓ You will need to monitor your home’s security from your device at all times. If you are busy, you might not see that something is amiss.


Your home security system is only as good as its monitoring.

Professional monitoring means monthly fees but it provides you with a reliable system to help keep your home safe.


Are monitored systems worth it

Are monitored systems worth it?

It only takes a few minutes for a house to be completely gutted by fire or for a burglar to invade your home.  When you have a monitored system, someone is always keeping an eye on your home and is only seconds away from informing fire, medical personnel, and police about an emergency.

A monitored system can help save your house and most importantly, your life.

Reliable home alarm companies in Laval are available to offer you the best monitoring packages that suit your needs and budget.




An important benefit from professional installation of a home security system is convenience.

When you order a security system, you provide the most convenient time for you with a professional installer.

Many people choose professional installation because equipment will surely be set-up correctly.  The professional installer will also explain carefully how to maximize your home’s security with your alarm system.

Professionally installed home security systems have perks but they also come with some disadvantages.

  • ✓ Installation cost and activation fees
  • ✓ Monthly fees/contract
  • ✓ Additional fees for moving equipment to a new location


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Get the best home Alarm systems in Laval neighborhoods

No matter where your location is in Laval, our partner alarm companies can provide and install the most suitable home alarm system that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  Take advantage of expert advice on your security needs with no obligation alarm quotes.  We are ready to serve you in these neighborhoods and more:

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Gadget-friendly homeowners will love the many possibilities of modern home security features.  The goal remains the same; to ensure that your home and family are safe from all types of threats.

Are you ready to plan your home’s protection system? You can request for 3 home protection quotes from the leading alarm system provider in Canada.   You will soon discover that protecting your most valuable assets are so affordable they could cost no more than your favorite daily brew.

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