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Weighing Pros and Cons and Comparing Costs

Security staff reviewing multiple CCTV surveillance footage around the clock

Security staff reviewing multiple CCTV surveillance footage around the clock

Due to the proliferation of alarm companies on the Internet, people can feel a bit confused when it comes to selecting an alarm system or alarm company.  It is difficult to know just where to start.

What type of home alarm is best? Do you need to sign up for alarm monitoring?

These are just some of the questions we want to help you find the answers.

With some alarm companies even going as far as offering an alarm system free of charge, it becomes tougher to make a choice or to even understand the differences in each home security offer.

We want to help you take a closer look at the different choices of alarm systems and whether or not alarm monitoring is absolutely necessary. Let’s take a look at the costs, the benefits, and what you could be paying for a comprehensive and monitored security system.

At 3homeprotectionquotes, we aim to make it as simple and as easy as possible for you to find the right alarm company to protect your home and your family at the least cost possible.

When evaluating your security needs and checking for the most suitable home alarm system, you generally ask yourself these questions:

1) What kind of alarm system do I want?
2) How much do I want to spend?
3) Do I need a central alarm monitoring service?
4) What happens if I buy an alarm but don’t get a monitoring contract?

We have put together as much information as we can below to answer these questions for you. Whichever type of system or Alarm Company you choose in the end, our aim is to help you arrive at the best possible choice for your home protection.


Choosing Monitored Vs. Non-Monitored Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems offer 24/7 protection of your home

Monitored alarm systems offer 24/7 protection of your home

The search for a home alarm system will start with knowing what kind of home protection you need.  The most effective alarm systems for residences offer perimeter protection because it prevents intruders from entering your home.

Security systems that provide only interior protection have 2 distinct disadvantages:

  1. They could let criminals enter the home before an alarm is sounded and this can be dangerous if there are people in the home
  2. The very nature of the components of this type of system will limit family activity inside the home.

If you haven’t decided yet on the type of alarm system and the components you want to be included in your home security system, you can check out the major features of residential alarm systems to help you choose.

Whether you go for wired or wireless alarm systems, your next difficult hurdle is choosing to have a monitored or non-monitored system.

A monitored security system can save your home and your life in the event that something goes wrong.

See how ADT Monitored Alarm Systems can be your life saver with this real life testimonial below.


How do non-monitored alarm systems work?

Non-monitored alarm systems are not connected to a monitoring center and are Do-it-yourself alarms.  These types of systems have auto-diallers pre-programmed to call a responsible family member.  Most of these systems have an acknowledgement feature such as a particular button that signals that the call has been received or answered by someone other than a voicemail.

While non-monitored alarms are inexpensive and flexible, they depend on the designated telephone numbers to act on emergencies and this lengthens the emergency call process.  In an emergency situation, any delay or failure to respond could result in dire consequences.

In case of fire or a break-in, the designated alarm recipient is responsible for notifying emergency responders like fire department, police, or medical emergency assistance.


Understanding Your Choices for an Alarm System

Breaking Down the Basics and Fine Print

It is important to understand the fine print when evaluating alarm companies and their monitoring contracts

It is important to understand the fine print when evaluating alarm companies and their monitoring contracts


Many homeowners have hastily decided on a home security system that proved to be insufficient or too expensive to maintain.  It is quite easy to become trapped in a long service lease that costs too much if you don’t take the time to compare all of your alarm options.

It is critical to get the right level of protection but you don’t have to overspend for it.

If you want to know how much your home security protection costs, the answer will actually depend on several factors.

There are security alarm systems that require more expensive upfront payments but with more flexibility whereas other systems need just a minimum cash outlay but have longer lock-in periods or contracts.

Many individuals who want an alarm system but don’t see the need for monitoring services may be losing sight of one important thing. You alarm system can only protect you at a maximum level if someone is actually responsible for monitoring it.  If a smoke or fire alarm is sounded, who will alert the fire department if you are not home? If a burglar alarm is tripped, who notifies the police?  More importantly, if you are home and a dangerous situation arises, who sends out a distress call?

For example, ADT is one the leading home security alarm monitoring providers in Canada and the United States.  Their system is backed by powerful equipment and secure communication links.  Even in adverse conditions, monitoring is never interrupted because their nationwide connection ensures another monitoring center takes in case of emergencies to provide continuous security to its customers.

Home security alarm systems today look after all security needs including health-related emergencies with their medical and panic button alerts. With a monitored system, someone is always there to assist a senior or sick member of the family in case of medical emergencies.

Interested in obtaining monitoring services for health related emergencies? Obtain more information about security panic buttons for your protection and peace of mind.


Should I Buy or Lease my Home Security System?

Choosing your type of home alarm system is easier when you compare and use specific criteria

Choosing your type of home alarm system is easier when you compare and use specific criteria

A homeowner shopping for a home alarm system will have to choose between buying the alarm equipment he wants outright or leasing it.

If you decide to buy the alarm equipment and pay upfront, you would generally need:

  • at least $700 for equipment and installation
  • pay less than $20 for alarm monitoring

A significant benefit of buying your alarm system outright is that the cost decreases as early as the second year, and towards the 4th year, you would simply be paying a $1 a day or less for monitoring only.  This is, of course, if you don’t replace any of your security components or need any repairs or service.

If you don’t want to spend a huge amount upfront, you can decide on a lease agreement.  Most alarm companies will require only installation fee (possibly less than $100) and a monthly monitoring fee.  The monthly monitoring fee varies from one alarm provider to another and can require a lock-in period of 2 or 3 years. Some companies can require as long as 5 years contract.

A significant benefit of a leased system is lower cash outlay.  This type of agreement comes with lifetime warranty and servicing so you don’t worry about replacement of your alarm security devices.

Most alarm companies require long term contracts, with industry standard at 36 months.  The longer your contract, the lower monthly fees become as you spread out the initial costs for installation and equipment over time.

The safety of your home, your possessions, and your loved ones is crucial so it is imperative that you sign up for a security monitoring contract that will actually deliver services at a price that is affordable to you.


Home Alarm Monitoring Services for Existing

Residential Alarm Systems

What if you already have a non-monitored alarm system and want to obtain a monitoring service? Is it also possible to switch to a different alarm monitoring company for any reason?

In general, security systems and remote monitoring are 2 different aspects of a complete home security package.  Majority of alarm companies offer both and the most ideal situation requires that these 2 parts match.  There are, however, a number of security systems that are technically compatible with other alarm monitoring services.

If for some reason, you want to switch your monitoring service or when you are moving into a new address with a pre-installed alarm system, you can find remote alarm monitoring packages.

Connecting your home security system to a remote alarm monitoring significantly increases your level of protection.  

There are some extra features that may be supported only by the alarm company that originally installed them.

You can speak to a security expert about monitoring services or ask questions about your home security system when you request for 3homeprotectionquotes.


What You Get Out of Your Alarm Monitoring Contract

Understand your alarm monitoring contract and costs

Understand your alarm monitoring contract and costs

Aside from continuous monitoring service, the primary reason a person signs a contract with an alarm monitoring company is to subsidize equipment and manpower costs over time.  Alarm companies offer different types of contracts so that customers can pay for their alarm equipment in one or several bigger amounts.

Your monthly payment is divided into several parts.

  • monitoring fees
  • equipment and installation plus parts and labor
  • maintenance for the duration of the contract
  • overhead costs

When you add all these up, you have the average cost of your contract.

What about alarm companies that advertise no contract and allows month to month payments?

There are already some security alarm companies that provide monitoring without a fixed contract. They allow individuals to pay month to month for service or as needed.  Homeowners can choose to suspend service and reinstate later, as desired.

Since customers are not locked into a standard contract, the company has to find ways to recover equipment and installation costs in the event a customer suddenly cancels the service.

Two scenarios are common with this type of contract:

  • You could pay for equipment upfront or with several large payments
  • You must already own the alarm equipment and only need monitoring

The decision to sign up for a monitoring contract really depends on how you want to pay for your alarm equipment (cash or installment).  Many alarm providers offer different security contracts and options that would suit customer needs’ and budget.

Whenever you leave your home, you make sure that your doors and windows are closed and locked. You expect to come home with everything in order and that your home is secure and safe.

But that doesn’t always happen. Burglars are always waiting to strike at the opportunity to break-in. A fire could break out when you least expect it.

In the past, we relied on the best locks or a fierce dog to protect our homes.  Modern security alarm technology has given people more options when it comes to protecting the things that count most and everything we value.

The best residential security monitoring companies provide various ways you can receive alerts to notify you of a problem and will summon emergency services on your behalf. This saves precious time in saving your property, your assets, and family members in the home.

It is recommended that you compare multiple alarm quotes to get the best type of service at the right cost.

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Can you Afford Monthly Monitoring Fees?

A home alarm monitoring contract can be affordable with the right alarm company

A home alarm monitoring contract can be affordable with the right alarm company


Home alarm monitoring systems offer basic plans but many also offer additional options for more safety services.

These companies offer different choices for security devices, quick and efficient customer response and support, system maintenance, and payment plans.

When searching for the best home alarm monitoring company, you can check the following criteria:

  • Level of protection
  • Speed in response time
  • Protocols for non-emergency situations
  • Equipment costs
  • Real-time status checks
  • Length of Contract period
  • Monthly fees

Ideal home security monitoring systems must provide an online account where you can check the status or history of your alarm system.

Also important is the warranty period of your system and if you can relocate your system in case you need to move.

It is common for most contracts to have a fee if you need to terminate before the expiry date so find out what the cost is.

If you want to know whether you can afford a monthly alarm monitoring service, perhaps, it is better to think about whether you can afford not to have one.

Finding the best alarm monitoring company can be really easy.  The best company is the one that answers to your needs. You can make your choice based on what you want for your home protection and what you are willing to pay.

To get started in comparing security alarm monitoring services today, request for your 3homeprotection quotes and get connected with the most reliable alarm providers in Canada.

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