Variety of Panic buttons – personal emergency, medical alert systems and commercial purposes

Variety of Panic buttons – personal emergency, medical alert systems and commercial purposes

Have you ever been in an emergency situation and didn’t know how to call for help?  Are you sick and worried about being alone at home? It is a frightening feeling that can leave you helpless and anxious.

Fortunately, modern security systems today offer security panic buttons as an additional safety measure.  They have different applications that serve different needs – personal, industrial, commercial, or medical.

It is certainly very reassuring to know that no matter what time of day, it is possible to alert someone of an emergency so that help will arrive. Below you will see a comprehensive overview of security panic buttons in its many forms so you can identify which one will suit you best.

These different types of security panic buttons offer one thing in common – emergency assistance when needed.

If you have been worrying about an elderly relative living alone or just want to increase security measures in your store, it is easy to obtain security panic buttons from reliable security alarm companies.  They can also be part of a broader security system with video surveillance, fire alarm systems, and burglar alarms.

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Read on to know everything you need about getting a panic button for your loved one, your home or business.

Different Types and Uses of Security Panic Buttons

Panic pendant for senior citizens – simple solution for independent living

Panic pendant for senior citizens – simple solution for independent living

One of the many ways that modern technology has improved our lives is in the area of security.  It is fortunate that nowadays, living alone is no longer such a risk when it comes to staying safe from crime or obtaining emergency assistance.

Below are the different types of security panic buttons and how they can increase quality of life.

Medical Security Alerts
Seniors easily obtain emergency assistance with their panic button

Seniors easily obtain emergency assistance with their panic button

It used to be that relatives with medical conditions cause us a great deal of worry especially when they are left alone at home. Medical security alerts or panic buttons provide a simple and easy-to-use solution for situations that require immediate assistance.  Seniors who have memory problems or cognition difficulties are given a clear and quick way to alert someone that they need help.

These devices can be worn at all times – while sleeping and also while taking a bath.  They never have to be taken off and are easy to maintain and use.

How does it work? There are medical alert providers that offer pendants that can be worn at all times or a wrist-type alert worn like a bracelet.  They are lightweight and easy to operate. With just one click, a security alert is sent to a monitoring center and a qualified and trained responder immediately reacts to get you the help you need.

These panic alarms are ideal for elderly people living alone, those with medical conditions, people who are at risk for falls, or patients recovering at home.

With this kind of personal emergency option, senior citizens never feel helpless or anxious about their situation, even when they live independently.  They have total peace of mind that someone is just a click away to come to their rescue.

A panic button saves lives. Here is a heart-wrenching story of a woman who received emergency assistance from her ADT panic button and how her family was contacted when she had an accident at home.

Responding to panic alerts – What happens when a medical alert goes off

Emergency responders can arrive in your home within moments

Emergency responders can arrive in your home within moments

The panic device can be attached to a belt, worn around the wrist or the neck. It must be worn all the time, even in the shower or bath.  Once the device is pressed, a wireless signal is received by a base station in the home and this alerts the monitoring center.

Moments after pressing the button, a trained and certified emergency responder is contacted and assesses the situation to ascertain the type of emergency.  The responder has access to your medical files, hospital information, and family.  Arrangements can be made for type of response such as having a trusted neighbor go over to check on you, or contacting a relative.  In the absence of a response, emergency personnel may be sent to your home.

The Price of Panic Buttons for Medical Emergencies

Are these medical alert systems affordable?  Now that you know the invaluable assistance that can be obtained from these devices, your next concern would be the cost.

Fortunately, panic buttons for the elderly, disabled, or patients are quite affordable. Providers offer monthly plans that include 24/7 monitoring and unlimited use. These devices include fall detection and capability to call 911 or friends and family.  Because they are portable, they can also be carried around, in and outside the home.

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Wireless panic buttons
Alert police responders with a simple touch of a panic button

Alert police responders with a simple touch of a panic button

In times of crisis and high anxiety, it can be difficult to act quickly or make decisions.  Wireless panic buttons provide a quick and immediate access to police authorities at the push of a button.  There may be situations when you don’t have time or opportunity to use the phone to call for help.  This wireless security device can send an alert to the police who then use GPS tracking and your personal information to locate you and provide immediate assistance.

While mobile phones and smart devices are useful tools for contacting emergency assistance services, there are times when an individual has no chance to use one.  Precious moments are wasted on trying to make contact that can have serious consequences. With your security panic button, you spend only one second to press your alarm and notify authorities that you need help.

Residential Panic buttons
Modern residential alarm systems can include panic button for emergency assistance

Modern residential alarm systems can include panic button for emergency assistance

Panic buttons can also be part of your residential security alarm system or home automation system.  They can be placed under a desk or conveniently mounted on any surface that you can quickly access.  These devices use wireless technology to communicate with other security devices to trigger a reaction with just a push of the button.

Security alarm companies can customize individual needs to include video cameras, lighting and thermostat controls, electronic locks, and safety devices like flood and low temperature alerts, glass break sensors, carbon monoxide alarms, and more.

Essential Things to Know About Using Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are only reliable when people know how to use them properly. If you are considering installing a panic alarm system in your home or at work, you will find these tips useful.

  1. It is important to know and understand the different panic buttons available and how they function so that you can choose the best one for you.  You should decide if you want it wired or wireless, monitored or unmonitored.
  2. If you plan on doing the installation by yourself, read instructions carefully before set-up.
  3. Plan the locations to be covered by the system especially in large residences or establishments.
  4. It is important for the whole family to know how to use the panic alarm.  At work, inform employees of the location of the panic button and how they work.
  5. You can also choose which departments or employees really need more protection with a dedicated duress system based on the nature of their jobs.
Commercial Panic Alarms
Commercial Panic Button – Additional security for employees in high risk areas

Commercial Panic Button – Additional security for employees in high risk areas

Panic buttons allow individuals under duress to silently trigger a call for help in cases of emergencies.  They can also be called hold-up alarms or duress alarms.  This is very useful and safe when it is not possible to request for police assistance or alert security.  There are also occasions when calling for help can escalate the crisis and you need a silent way to summon help.

Commercial panic buttons or alarms are suitable for places such as:

  • receptionist desks
  • security stations
  • customer service areas
  • cashier’s counters and check-out counters
  • vaults and storage areas for valuables
  • and other public places where confrontations are likely

The most important thing to remember is that panic buttons must be used appropriately.  Immediate police assistance should only be called when necessary as false alarms are a waste of time and resources.  Use panic buttons when you are in danger of being harmed, you see a crime in progress, or when there is a medical emergency.

Essential Components of Panic Alarm Systems

To better understand how a panic alarm works, below is a brief explanation of its parts and function.

A panic alarm generally has 2 parts:

1-The Panic Button

This device activates when an individual calls for help.  There are different kinds of panic buttons offered by different alarm companies. It can be a single push button or two push buttons that are simultaneously pressed. There are also devices that can be squeezed or activated by a knee or foot.  Most of these devices are designed to avoid accidental activation.

They are also mostly installed in visible locations that are easy to reach but for some situations like in commercial applications, they can be hidden from view such as the underside of a desk or counter.

These devices may also be wireless or wired.  Wired panic buttons have higher degree of reliability but they can cost more.  Wireless panic buttons use radio transmitters similar to those found in garage openers.  They are easier to install and can be carried around. Usually, they require batteries and need frequent testing.

2 – Communication System

A communication system is set-up to summon help whenever the panic button is activated.  This method will depend on resources available and can include communication to an off-site monitoring center, a security center, or a non-security center.

An off-site monitoring center is used in establishments like small businesses that do not have security staff.  Panic buttons alert a monitoring center that would then inform the police or other appropriate parties.

In the case of large companies that have centralized security monitoring, panic buttons would alert the control center of the company.  Alerts can also be sent to non-security staff like HR or Facilities who will respond when the button is pressed.

Siren or Silent Alarms – Which one Do you need?

One option provided by panic buttons is whether to have audible alarm with your panic button or a silent alarm to alert the authorities.  For instance, hold-up alarms require that the intruder does not know the panic button has been pressed.  In such cases, a silent alarm will not endanger you further and the police will be contacted discreetly.

If you live independently, it may be good to have an audible alarm so neighbors are also alerted and middle-men assistance can be obtained.

Usually, silent alarms send an immediate response team while audible alarms require a monitoring center to check on your first before sending assistance.

Shopping for the Best Panic Buttons – Compare and Save Money

Save time and money when you request free online quotes for panic buttons and security alarm systems

Save time and money when you request free online quotes for panic buttons and security alarm systems

When you are considering installing or buying a panic button, it means you want a fail-safe system for ensuring the safety of a loved one at home or employees at work.  Topmost priority in your mind, therefore, is the efficiency of the device and its support system.

There are various security alarm companies and medical alert providers that offer panic buttons for various purposes.  It can be very confusing and time consuming to research all of them on your own.  The faster and more convenient way is to simply request for free online quotes from 3homeprotectionquotes.

You are guaranteed to receive in 2 minutes at least 3 quotes from leading security alarm system companies in Canada, including the leading ADT provider since 2001.  You can then comfortably and at your own leisure compare your options to get the best system available at the best price.

Keep in mind that many security alarm companies will be happy to work with you to customize your security alarm systems to suit your needs and your budget.  We can always arrange for you to speak to a security expert to answer your questions or pay you a home visit so a physical assessment of your security situation can be made.

At 3homeprotectionquotes, our aim is to help you connect with the right security alarm company to serve your needs.  With our unique and completely free service, you save on time, money, and effort while obtaining the best security protection for your home, your family, and your workplace.