Complete control of your property at your fingertips

Have you ever experienced stressing over forgotten lights or appliances at home while you are in an important meeting? Did you ever come home where no lights were on because you were working overtime?  All these can be in the past with home automation systems.

With home automation, you can control your lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, appliances, and security with one click. This modern system utilizes sensors and switches that are connected to a “gateway” and controlled by a user interface on a wall-mounted terminal, mobile software, or a tablet computer.


Total Control of your Home with the right Alarm System

Home automation allows remote control over lights, temperature and security systems

Indeed, there are many significant benefits that can be gained from home automation which can be part of a security alarm system. Unfortunately, many homeowners find it challenging to identify the right system and alarm company to get it from as there are many competing vendors.

We want to make it easier for you to connect with the best home automation companies online.  You can request for free online quotes from leading ADT provider in Canada with no obligation.  This means you spend less time on the phone and receive your free estimates in just 2 minutes.


Smart Lighting with Smart Home Technology

One of the most essential features of smart home technology is smart lights.  It is a very useful deterrent against burglars as it gives the appearance of people being home even when you are not.

Using your device, you can make lights come on or off at random times.  It’s also very convenient such as when you program porch lights to turn on when you unlock your front door remotely.  This comes in really handy when you’re carrying bags of groceries upon arriving home at night.

There are alarm companies that offer Honeywell products such as Honeywell lighting control.  This offers smarts scheduling of your lighting using presence detection or photo sensing so that lights aren’t left on in vacant areas or with sufficient natural light.  This gives homeowner’s substantial energy savings with their ventilation, heating, or air conditioning.


5 Significant Reasons to Automate your Home

Think for a minute – wouldn’t you like to be able to control everything in your home from your mobile device?

If you think home automation systems are just for businesses, you are missing out on a lot of huge benefits for homeowners.

Some people are under the impression that home automation is just for the rich or that they are too expensive. The truth is that there are systems that are truly affordable and quite easy to install.


Now that you’ve let your imagination wander, you may be interested to know what other things you can do with a home automation system.

Aside from the ability to manage lights and appliances to lower your energy bill, you can also control your home’s temperature, air-conditioning, video surveillance systems, and security.  All these are done from a remote location.

Below are the amazing benefits to homeowners of home security systems with home automation.


1. Total Convenience

You can forget about hurrying home to open the door for your kids or getting out of bed to turn lights on and off.  With your mobile device or voice recognition, your home is really at the tip of your fingers.  You can also stop worrying about forgotten appliances.  This system really saves you time and keeps you from stressing about your home’s security.


2. Huge Savings

Many home automation products allow you to manage your household’s energy consumption.  You can adjust settings in your thermostat all day depending on when you expect someone to be home or not.  You can also sync your appliances to operate at cost-effective times.  This means lower monthly energy bills and great savings for you all year round.


3. Unbeatable security benefits

Home automation systems enhance your home’s security in many ways.  You can check in on your property from a distance, saving you time and effort.  You can also arm and disarm your alarms remotely and receive text alerts of any suspicious activity.  You can make sure you arrive home with lights turned on so you are not in the dark.  You can do all these things even when you are on vacation so your home is always secure.


4. Increased safety.

Accidents often occur at home because of inadequate lighting.  With home automation, the risk of tripping, falling down the stairs, or running into objects because of dark areas in the house can be prevented.


5. Greater Peace of Mind.

With home automation, you can check on your kids or the status of your home no matter where you are simply by using your PC or smartphone.  You never have to worry again about your home even when you are away.

Home automation systems have many efficient applications and features to serve different needs.  You can turn your home into a “smart home” with the right home automation system.


Endless Possibilities of Home Automation – What Can You Do?

Program your home’s thermostat from anywhere for energy savings

Manufacturers have designed a wide number of smart devices with innovative applications for a home automation system.

In selecting the right one for your home, it is essential to know what these devices can do to simplify your life and provide you with greater security.

  • ✓ Basically, your system can allow programmability of your home’s lighting and temperature.
  • ✓ Other more flexible systems can include electrical outlets so they can be powered down at particular times.
  • ✓ Sprinkler systems and thermostats can also be programmed depending on seasons of the year or days of the week.
  • ✓ You can have automatic opening of gates and garage door for convenience and security.
  • ✓ Your home automation system can also adapt to your lifestyle so that you enjoy your regular entertainment options, from TV to music, with just one press of a button.

See how home automation can improve your life from this video of a fully automated home in Mississauga, Ontario.


Home Automation is Fun, Fun, Fun

Do you like to entertain friends at home? With a press of a button, you can create the ambiance you want and have a customized playlist that initiates automatically. Even if you are busy preparing in the kitchen, you will know guests have arrived when a chime is broadcast from speakers where the party will be.

Your entire home can have microphones with your audio system so that anything you broadcast is heard everywhere. If you enjoy theatre-style viewing of the latest films, you can have lights dim seconds when you press play.

On ordinary days, you can have your TV turn on to your regular channel whenever you open the garage door. You immediately enjoy your favorite shows upon your arrival. You can even set music to start automatically when you are in the shower.


Compare Home Security Packages with Home Automation

Video surveillance monitoring from your tablet or smartphone from anywhere

Living is definitely one of pure convenience and pleasure with home automation. For your entertainment and that of your guests, avail of the many benefits you can get by installing a home automation system in your home today.

Leading home automation security providers can help you design the best model for your lifestyle.

Interested in turning your home into a “smart home”? Request for free and no obligation home alarm quotes from leading Canadian companies by filling-out our online request form.


How to Get Started with Home Automation

Automatic opening of gates and garage doors to welcome you home

There are many options available and this can seem pretty daunting to people.  You will be confronted with dozens of questions and you’ll be spending a lot of time looking for answers. You don’t have to when you use our free home alarm quotes.

Home automation systems use wireless technology. Home automation starter kits can be purchased and installed without professional installation from retail outlets.

But to maximize the benefits of home automation, it is important to consider incorporating home automation with an existing home security system.  Many reputable alarm companies such as ADT and Frontpoint offer home automation as part of their home alarm packages.

The best alarm companies also provide basic security monitoring packages that are tailored to customers’ budgets.

With an alarm package featuring a smart home system, you can expect components such as:

  • ✓ Cameras, detectors and sensors
  • ✓ Alerts which can be operated directly from a tablet, a laptop, or a smartphone
  • ✓ Wireless window and door switches
  • ✓ Wireless sensors for controlling temperature and humidity

The ADT Home Automation Starter Kit with an indoor camera costs as little as $49 during a promotional period. It will require a monitoring contract for 36 months and with installation and activation fees.

The best way to find your home automation system is to compare the best home security apps.  Home automation is not just about convenience but more importantly, it is also about increasing your home’s security.

We can provide you with 3 competitive home security system quotes from leading alarm providers near you. Take 2 minutes to fill-out our quick online request form today.


Enjoy the Benefits of Home Automation without Overspending

So now that you know the many benefits you can get from home automation, the next logical question would be how much?

Home automation requires some investment but it streamlines our lives and helps manage our time and safety.  In this regard, the cost is well worth it and has a positive impact in our everyday living.  You can enjoy the benefits without overspending when you work with our partner home automation companies.


It is difficult to assign a standard cost for home automation because every home has a unique assortment of systems.  Whatever you choose, you will need internet connectivity, Wi-Fi devices with strong signal in your location, and compatibility of inter-connected devices.

The cost of home automation is truly something worth investing in. Below is a run-down of what you can do when you decide to invest in a smart home.


Personalized entertainment options with your home automation system

Lights on or Off, Creating Moods with Lighting, All in One Touch

Many homeowners start home automation with lighting because it is easy and risk-free.  It falls under 2 functions – automated contextual lighting based on time of day and energy savings.  For DIY projects with starter kits, costs start at around $500 for 10 bulbs or outlets.


Security Control from Your Smartphone or Laptop

Most homeowners need security and access with remote unlocking and locking of doors, heat and water control, activate and deactivate burglar alarm, and closing a garage from afar.  Whether you are home or away, you are always in control of your doors and windows, lights and appliances, and receive alerts for any suspicious movements.


Custom Entertainment with Music for Him or Her

You can configure entertainment systems to play favorite channels or customized playlists, depending on who is home. You want the TV to turn on to your sports channel the minute you open the garage door? No problem. All these can be done with one press of a button.


Remote Thermostat Control for Energy Savings

Automation allows homeowners to turn on or off the heating and cooling systems.  It maximizes your comfort and helps you save on energy. You can turn down the heat automatically when you leave for work every morning. How about programming the drapes and shades to open and close automatically depending on how much sunlight you want?

The average cost for thermostat control with home automation is less than $300 for DIY projects.


Setting Sprinkler Systems to Save Water

You can control sprinklers remotely and avoid wasting water.  Set your sprinkler system based on weather conditions so you can conserve water.

In the long run, the investment you put in a home automation system pays off handsomely from lower energy bills, time saved, and high quality of life.


By Thomas Bjørkan – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, people and the disabled gain independence and comfort with home automation

Friendly Reminders for Home Automation Projects

It is important to keep in mind some safety measures when you are doing home automation as a DIY project.  Depending on the size of your project, you may also need to secure necessary permits from the city.

  • In Ontario, changes to a home’s electrical system are only allowed to a homeowner or a licensed electrician.  Security alarm technicians are trained and licensed to carry out installations of all types of security alarms and home automation systems.
  • Replacing or upgrading electrical devices do not require permits. The addition of new electrical devices requires permits and inspections.  You should check and abide by all building, fire, and electrical codes in your area to avoid insurance problems or risk of fire and electrical shorts.
  • Always consult a licensed electrician regarding home automation products.
Although professional installation is more expensive, it offers you the assurance of safety and proper installation of your alarm and home automation systems.  It is also hassle-free as your security alarm company will handle all aspects from securing the proper permits, lay-out, installation, testing, and inspection.


Smart Homes Make Independent Living Possible for Elderly People

Home automation – worthwhile investment that saves money in the long run

Many homeowners need home automation not just for convenience or fun but out of necessity.  Home automation is the perfect solution for elderly people who want to continue living independently despite a medical condition that compromises their mobility.

Even disabled people can turn lights on or off using inter-connected switches from a wheelchair. No more struggling with hard to reach places to operate appliances or adjust thermostats.


For an elderly person with mobility issues, it is a blessing to be able to operate appliances and lights with just a tap on a smartphone.  Elderly people and the disabled can live more independently and take control of their homes and their lives.


Complete control over your business security even on the go

Stay in Control, Allow Loved Ones Greater Freedom

Have you been arguing with your elderly relative about their safety when left alone at home? Now you won’t have to worry about your loved one because you can keep track of their routine with your mobile device.

Networked sensors and monitors can really make seniors live independently while relatives monitor them from afar.  Data is sent to their loved ones who are alerted of any sudden change in routine or at the sign of trouble.  This reduces the need to move into assisted-living centers.

Home automation for purposes of healthcare can include alerts as well as safety devices such as motion sensors, lighting, environmental controls, automated timers, surveillance cameras, and emergency assistance systems.

Many home security packages also provide options for medical alerts and personal emergency systems. Convalescing patients or elderly people can receive medical or emergency assistance at the first sign of trouble.


Comparison of 2 Biggest Home Automation Systems in Canada

Honeywell and are two of the biggest names in the field of home automation.

Both systems are not available for retail – they need to be purchased through authorized dealers, some of whom are our partner alarm companies.

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 uses Z-Wave technology. You will need an alarm service provider who can provide you with monitoring services and ensure total compatibility with your home security system.

Check out the Total Connect Experience for a residential use and see for yourself how it can totally change your lives for the better. offers geo-services that monitors your coming and going. It automatically activates your system and sends you an arming reminder, turns your lights on and off, and even sets your home temperature just right even before you get home.

Compare Honeywell and benefits and features to find the right match for your home.


Consult licensed electricians for safety and reduced risks

Step Up Your Home Security System – Going Beyond the Basic

Do you have a DIY security system at home without monitoring services? Have you seen the light and want to buy the best home alarm system to protect your home?

It’s time to step up your home security system and go beyond the basic. A fire alarm system or a burglar alarm is not enough to protect you and the things that matter to you the most.

With modern alarm technology, your home can be completely safe from burglars, intrusion, fire, flood, and carbon monoxide poisoning.  You can also convert your home into a smart home and benefit from digital technology to have complete control over what’s inside your property.

Your home security system only works if it is enabled with adequate network support. Make sure your alarm system has central monitoring to ensure you get help from police, fire department, or medical responders when you need it.

If your home only has a burglar alarm or a fire alarm, take the time to enhance your home security and protect your loved ones.

Still unsure whether you need a home alarm system?  You may be deciding between a hard-wired system or a DIY system or if you need central monitoring services or not.  We can help you make up your mind with this review of significant benefits from home security systems.


Save on Home Insurance with your Professional Home Security System

And did you know that you can save as much as 20% from your home insurance costs by installing a professional home alarm system?

Home insurance companies provide lower premiums to homeowners who take the initiative to increase security at home with a professionally monitored security system. As you act to reduce your risks, your insurer rewards your initiative with lower premiums.

If you want to know how much you can save from home insurance, contact your insurance provider. Keep in mind that without a monitoring service, your DIY system won’t qualify for rebates. You may need to submit proof of your monitoring contract.

This is just another good reason to invest in a professional home security system. You get more home protection plus more savings more your home insurance costs.


Complete Home Protection for the Cost of a Daily Cup of Coffee

You can be paying as little as the cost of your daily cup of coffee to get complete home protection.

Get free and no obligation quotes from the best alarm companies with our 2-minute online request form.

Our partner alarm providers are members of the Canadian Security Association with monitoring centers that are ULC certified.

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