Miramichi, as in other parts of New Brunswick, has its fair share of crimes like assault, breaking and entering, home invasion, theft, vehicle theft, and more.

While its crime severity index is lower than Moncton, not all is well in the streets of Miramichi and its surrounding areas.

  • In November 2017, two hunters parked their cars in Harewood and returned to find the vehicles destroyed by fire.
  • In September, a business in New Denmark was broken into in the early morning hours by unidentified men who stole various items. The same thing happened in October to a convenience store in Woodstock.
  • Multiple incidents of breaking and entering on seasonal properties around Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska also occurred, with some cottages even vandalized.
  • In October, 4 vehicles were stolen from an auto garage services in Memramcook

While they may not have happened in your neighborhood, there’s no telling when criminals will strike.


Home Security Includes Protection from Burglary, Fire and Other Threats

Keep in mind that safety in home does not only mean keeping criminals away. There are other threats that could endanger your property and your family like fire and carbon monoxide.

Installing a professional home alarm system in your home in Miramichi is cheaper than you think.

Monitored home alarm systems get round-the-clock monitoring for fire, flood, burglary, and carbon monoxide.

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Make your home Burglar-Proof with a Burglar Alarm

Burglary is one of the biggest concerns of every home owner. A burglar can take away your valuable possessions but can also shatter your sense of well-being.

Consider the following facts about burglaries:

  • ✓ 66% of burglaries are residential
  • ✓ 30% of burglars enter a house through an open window or door
  • ✓ May to August are months that burglaries occur more frequently
  • ✓ Majority of burglaries occur in the daytime
  • ✓ 1 of 3 assaults in a home is a result of a break-in

These statistics are shocking and hopefully, they will compel you to make your home burglar and intrusion proof with a home security system.


How Burglar Alarms Protect you from Harm

By installing a burglar alarm system, you minimize your risks of an intruder or burglar entering your home.

Truth is that burglar alarms can help catch burglars using camera technology. But they also stop burglars dead on their tracks. Studies show that the mere presence of a monitored burglar alarm system is enough to deter most criminals targeting your property.

  • ✓ Electronic home alarms can detect, identify, and stop criminal activity
  • ✓ Door and window sensors detect opening and closing of doors
  • ✓ Motion sensors spot movement in a room
  • ✓ Shock sensors are triggered by the use of force in any area or part of the home
  • ✓ A triggered alarm will sound a siren, strobe lights, or notify a monitoring center of a security breach
  • ✓ Panic buttons can also be activated if you are home during a threat or emergency

With modern alarms using wireless technology, you can activate or disarm your system with a touch of a button.

You can turn your lights on and off remotely to make it appear someone is home.

Video surveillance lets you check on your home remotely and see any signs of trouble, whether you are near or far.

Home security systems have anti-burglary and intrusion features that will protect your home and your loved ones at all times.


Complete Fire Protection in Miramichi

Fire is the most dreaded of all threats because it is merciless. It can destroy a home completely and even take the lives of people in the home.

While recent statistics of home fires in Canada is unavailable, data does show these important findings.

  • Seniors have the highest risk of death in residential fires
  • 30% of fires occur in residences
  • Cooking and heating-related equipment are the leading causes of fire, with kitchens as the primary area of origin
  • Smoking is the leading cause of fire-related deaths

You may be surprised to know that most fire-related deaths are not as a result of burning but smoke inhalation.


When there is Fire, Seconds Count

This only serves to drive home the importance of immediate detection of a possible fire to allow anyone in the home to get out.

Home security systems have smoke and heat detectors that quickly send an alert to you and the monitoring center.

With early detection, fire responders can be quickly notified to minimize any potential damage. You are also alerted immediately so you can get to safety.

Complete fire protection in your home works 24/7. Even in the event of a power failure, your monitored home alarm system works round the clock. Paramedics and fire units will be contacted to give assistance without a doubt.


Clear the Air with Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire is not the only deadly threat to your home. Carbon monoxide, a silent, odorless, and highly toxic gas, can be present in the air without you knowing it.

Hundreds of people die or get injured from carbon monoxide every year. The problem is that carbon monoxide comes from equipment and appliances we use every day that burn fuel or wood.  If you have an attached garage, your vehicle left running can also be a source of this threat.

The only way to detect carbon monoxide is from carbon monoxide detectors. As part of your home security system, these detectors can alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide.  Because you can fall unconscious when you inhale dangerous levels of this gas, your monitored alarm system will ensure you get help in an emergency.

If a carbon monoxide detector beeps, it means this gas has reached dangerous levels.

  • ✓ Call 911
  • ✓ Quickly open all windows to let in air
  • ✓ Turn off fuel-burning devices
  • ✓ Get to the nearest hospital

You won’t be alone in such an emergency.  A monitoring center will be alerted to your situation and get help from the fire department and medical personnel.


Command your Home with Home Automation Features

Ever left a garage door open? Forgot to turn the lights on in your porch?

With home automation, you can command your home to do what you want with one press of a button.

Home automation is an advanced feature of a home security system that lets you control lights, locks, and temperature remotely.  For instance, the ADT Pulse app even has voice recognition features that lets you control your home from anywhere.

Here are a few things you can do with home automation.

  • ✓ Lock and unlock doors for people you know
  • ✓ Change the settings of your home before you leave and arrive home
  • ✓ Turn lights on and off
  • ✓ Arm and disarm your security system
  • ✓ Open and close garage door
  • ✓ View video surveillance
  • ✓ Talk to someone at the door even when you are far away

These conveniences don’t just make life easier for you. They also help you save on energy costs, increases your security, saves you time, and lets you have control of your home at all times.

Further, a monitored home security system qualifies you to get reduced homeowner’s insurance premiums, by as much as 25%.

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Live Independently without Fear with Medical Alert Systems

If you are a senior living independently or have a senior family member left alone at home, you will want to know the benefits of medical alert systems.

Major alarm providers offer this wonderful feature as part of a comprehensive home security system.

A medical alert system comes with a bracelet or a pendant that can be worn by seniors so they can be independent without fear.

In case of a fall, symptoms of a medical condition, and they can’t get to a phone, the medical alert will signal a trained professional about the emergency.  After an assessment of the situation, the fire department, police or emergency personnel are contacted for assistance.


Medical Alert Systems for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Seniors can be indoors or outdoors (usually up to 300 feet) and a GPS informs the monitoring center of your exact location.

Two-thirds of accidents happen in the bathroom that cause contusions, fractures, and sprains.  Medical alert pendants or bracelets are water-proof and can be worn even in the shower.

If you are interested to know more, learn about the different types of medical alert systems for seniors and how they can protect you.


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