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Where can you find Sudbury home security systems at the best prices?

We understand that you are looking for reliable home alarm systems that are easy on the budget.  To help you find the right alarm system for your home, we have put together leading alarm providers in Canada in just one place.  You can now compare various home alarms and their costs by simply filling-out one quick form.

Finding the best home alarm system means getting home security that suits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Read on to know more about how a home security system can give you 24/7 protection from burglary, fire, flood, and other threats.




Is it necessary to get a home security system for your home? Studies show that burglars avoid homes with outdoor cameras and alarm systems when choosing a potential target.  Further, burglars are dissuaded from attempting a burglar if there is a sign or sticker informing of the presence of an alarm system.

Almost 60% of burglaries happen during the day when people are at work or school.  You can’t be home all the time to stop burglars from breaking into your house but a comprehensive home security system can.

You can have peace of mind even when you are away from home because you can monitor the status of your home security from your device.

Best of all, if you ever need help in the event of a fire, a burglary, or an emergency, help is just minutes away.  If you have a monitored alarm system, trained monitoring staff contacts the police, fire department, or medical emergency responders as appropriate.




We all want to think our community is safe but the truth is that crime can happen anywhere, any time.

Sudbury is no exception.  While the city is seriously trying to drive down nationwide crime numbers, people still need to do their utmost to help fight crime.  Residents installing efficient home security systems do help tremendously in deterring criminals.

Canada and its major metropolitan areas like Sudbury have seen a decline in the number of crimes and the crime severity index.  However, they don’t mean we shouldn’t take the necessary precautions.

Below are figures representing crime statistics in the country in 2015 you might want to know:

Type of Crime Canada Ontario Quebec
Property Crime 1,154,315 314,915 166,181
Breaking and Entering 159,338 32,665 39,736
Theft (under $5000) 488,540 153,557 65,337
Theft (over $5000) 15,573 4,458 3,350
Robbery 22,080 7,636 4,030
Motor Vehicle Theft 78,849 16,851 13,123


You don’t want to be one of these statistics. It costs so little to get home protection. Would you be surprised to know it could only cost you $1 a day?




A home security system is not only about deterring crime.  It can also protect your home and family with:

  • ✓ Video surveillance
  • ✓ Fire alarm
  • ✓ Flood alarm
  • ✓ Carbon Monoxide alarm
  • ✓ Medical alert system
  • ✓ Home automation


There are so many benefits you can get for home protection with a reliable home alarm system.

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The most challenging task involved in buying a home security system is choosing the right one.

There are various types of alarms in the market and they all cater to different needs and budgets.

It is easy enough to find home alarms online and even in retail outlets in your area.  But the big question is- Will it be reliable enough to provide the level of protection you need?

Some companies offer DIY or professionally installed home alarm systems or even a combination of both.

How can you tell which system will best suit your home?


DIY Home alarm Systems


Do you want to have safety in your home without paying a monthly fee? There are alarm companies that offer DIY home alarm systems that don’t require monitoring.

There are home alarms that are easy to install and allow you to choose the equipment options you need such as wireless motion detection cameras and fire and flood sensors.

Usually, DIY alarm systems are wireless which makes set-up pretty easy and quick.

Do you want to have safety in your home without paying a monthly fee? There are alarm companies that offer DIY home alarm systems that don’t require monitoring.  There are, however, significant advantages to having a monitored home alarm system.  Keep in mind that an alarm only works if there is someone responsible for monitoring and reacting to it such as in a fire or burglary.

Are you a renter? DIY systems are ideal for renters because you can install them without drilling on walls. You own the equipment so you can also move it without fuss when changing addresses.


Professional Installment of Home Security Systems


Professionally installed systems generally require an installation cost. With a professionally installed home security system, you don’t need to worry if the set-up is correct.

Most hard-wired systems require professional installation but they are said to be more reliable than wireless systems.  Note that most of these home alarm systems may require a landline.  They are also harder to move if you are changing addresses.

Some alarm companies offer low initial costs if you choose a professionally installed home security system with central monitoring.


Are You Likely To Move In 2 Or 3 Years?


If there is a likelihood that you will be moving in 2 or 3 years, it is ideal to look into your alarm contract.  Some alarm companies require a 2 year contract and you might not be able to move your alarm equipment.  You can also check if there is a period stipulated in your contract for moving your alarm equipment and the cost.




Whatever type of home security system you choose (wireless, hard-wired, monitored on unmonitored), you can also choose the alarm devices that will make up your home security system.

Do you go on month-long vacations abroad? Do you often travel on business or maybe live alone?  Do you have kids that come home at different times of the day?

Depending on your lifestyle, modern home security systems offer a wide array of features and benefits that will suit your needs.

Your home security system is a network of electronic devices that coordinate with a central control panel.


Generally, it will consist of:


  • A control panel
  • Windows and door sensors
  • Interior and exterior motion sensors
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • A siren or alarm
  • Yard sign/window stickers


Response in Actual Intrusions


A security system is designed to perform specific functions when a security breach occurs.  Depending on the system you are using, your home alarm will notify you or a monitoring center.

Professionally Monitored Home Alarms: In the event of a security problem, a monitored home alarm system alerts a monitoring center.  Together with a high-decibel alarm, a trained expert will try to verify the alarm with the homeowner through the 2-way voice communication of the control panel.  If needed, the emergency contact number listed on your account will be contacted.

The appropriate response team (fire, police, and medical personnel) will be summoned as needed.  Monitored systems notify a homeowner by text or email of a security breach.

Non-monitored security system: DIY systems may exclude monitoring services.  With this type of alarm, a high decibel alarm sounds during a home intrusion.  The homeowner needs to contact the police, fire, and medical personnel or 911.




Some home alarm features are absolutely necessary. These include alarms, sensors, and door chimes that make up the heart of a basic home alarm system.  But in the past few years, alarm technology has provided more convenient and innovative features that can greatly increase the level of home protection.


  • Wireless technology

Wireless technology has allowed security installations to be done without drilling and for monitoring remotely to be possible even without a landline.  Wireless cameras and sensors are reliable and powerful. Using GSM technology, modern systems have a cellular backup for homes that have only VoIP or mobile phones.


  • Camera technology

Video and imaging technology has dramatically increased the importance of video surveillance in home protection.  Today, homeowners can receive HD camera fees in devices and can play back feed footage.  Remote control allows a homeowner to pan or zoom individual cameras in targeted areas to determine events inside the home.


  • Home Automation

The biggest innovation of home protection systems is home automation.  2-way wireless communication is combined with mobile app development to allow homeowners to see events inside the home and control anything in the home remotely.  One can monitor real-time information about the home using smartphones, turn lights on and off, adjust temperature, lock or unlock doors, operate appliances, or disarm a security system.




Fire protection and burglary prevention are still the primary goals of any home alarm system.  However, technological advances have significantly increased their function and efficiency.

Panic buttons can be worn so that elderly and disabled individuals can call for emergency response with just one touch of a button.  Remote locks and front door cameras can inform a homeowner if a delivery or a housekeeper arrives and can be let in remotely.

Photoelectric technology and state of the art ionization has also updated old smoke detectors to conduct analysis of the air in the home to sense heat thresholds and carbon dioxide to warn of dangerous elements in the air.

As you can see, home security systems can do a lot to make the home a safe and convenient place to live.

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It is important to compare multiple quotes before you choose the right alarm system for your home.

From basic alarm systems to comprehensive home security systems that come with home automation, you can avail of the best package with low initial costs.

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