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Gatineau is the Quebec part of the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA. As the 4th largest city next to Montreal and Laval, it has a population of 276,245 while the Ottawa-Gatineau metropolis has a population of 1,323,783.

If you live in any of Gatineau’s neighborhoods, it is important that you consider enhancing your home security.

How does Gatineau fare in the area of violent and non-violent crimes?

Gatineau’s Crime Severity Index in 2016, according to Canada Statistics, is 53.6.  To put this in proper perspective, neighbor Ottawa’s Crime Severity Index is 46.5 while Quebec has 41.8 and Montreal 59.1.

Both Montreal and Gatineau are among the top 10 Canadian cities with the highest Crime Severity Index, listed at number 9 and number 10, respectively.

The Crime Severity Index measures police-reported crimes in provinces and cities in Canada considering both the volume and the severity of these crimes.  It has 3 categories, overall, violent, and non-violent.



Gatineau’s Crime Ranking and Police-reported crimes

Gatineau’s Crime Ranking and Police-reported crimes

To be fair, Gatineau has a lower Crime Severity Index than Canada’s national average. In 2016, it had a lot of extortion incidents and had one of the highest incidence of sexual assault.

In the non-violent crimes category, Gatineau also experienced a high number of criminal traffic violations, identity fraud, identity theft, motor vehicle theft, and breaking and entering.  In the past, Gatineau has also had spikes in the number of aggravated assault cases as well as murder rates.  In 2009, it was ranked 15th among worst cities in Canada.

These statistics don’t paint a perfect picture. It only goes to show that crime does happen around your neighborhood and you should never take your security and safety for granted.

The table below shows how Gatineau fared in 2016 in crime, based on Statistics Canada and police services data.

Type of Crime Number of Incidents
Identity Fraud 60
Criminal Traffic Violations 836
Identity Theft 13
Fraud 191
Breaking and Entering 296
Motor Vehicle Theft 95
Crystal Meth Possession 91
Extortion 23
Sexual Assault 49
Robbery 25


Check out Gatineau neighborhood crimes

Check out Gatineau neighborhood crimes

Residents of Gatineau can now check on what crimes happen in their area and across the West Quebec City. Using Gatineau Police’s crime portal,  you can view what crimes occur in the area including vehicle thefts, assault, thefts from vehicles, break-ins, arsons, and mischief.  Data is updated daily.

A cursory check within the last 30 days revealed incidence of criminal fires, thefts, break-ins, and vehicle thefts.

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Dangers Lurk Outside and Inside the Home, too

Dangers Lurk Outside and Inside the Home, too


The streets can certainly be dangerous. But don’t forget, dangers are present in the home, too.

The home should be the safest place on earth for any person or family. Unfortunately, there are threats that can seriously put our assets and our lives in jeopardy.

We may not be able to control things that happen outside our home. Fortunately, we can prevent and control security and safety risks inside our home with a comprehensive home security system.


Are you inviting a burglar to visit your home?

Are you inviting a burglar to visit your home

Most burglars are smart. They see opportunities to break into a home and would not hesitate to burgle a home with weak security.

If you are often away, your home is not clearly visible from the street, with inadequate lighting, and without a monitored home alarm, you are extending an open invitation to a burglar.

Did you know that the mere presence of a yard sign that the home is being monitored and has video surveillance is often sufficient deterrent to a burglar?

In addition, a home security system has many anti-burglary features including:

  • ✓ Glass-break detectors
  • ✓ Window and door sensors
  • ✓ Motion sensors
  • ✓ Video surveillance cameras
  • ✓ Light timers

A burglar not only robs you of your possessions but also shatters your sense of well-being and safety.

A burglary can be prevented with security measures including installing a professional home security system.


Fire is a Far Worse Threat than a Burglar

Fire is worse than burglary because a serious fire can gut a property entirely and also take lives.

Losses and damage from a fire are quite substantial, considering that some of a home’s contents can be irreplaceable. And let’s not forget that lives of family members are of utmost importance.

The most common causes of home fires in Canada are:

  • ✓ Cooking equipment
  • ✓ Heating equipment
  • ✓ Smoking
  • ✓ Electrical appliances
  • ✓ Candles
  • ✓ Inadequate or faulty wiring
  • ✓ Flammable Liquids
  • ✓ Christmas trees and decors
  • ✓ Barbecues

In 2014, there were 15,952 reported fires in the province of Quebec. Most unforgettable is the fire that raged in a seniors housing that killed 32 elderly people.

Most alarming is the fact that majority of fire-related deaths occurred at night, while residents were asleep.

About 88% of Quebec municipalities reported fire incidents, 73% of these incidents were residential fires.

Firefighters battle around 50,000 residential fires around the country every year. Sadly, many Canadian homes remain unprotected by a fire alarm.

You can visit the Canada Safety Council for more information about fire preparedness.


A Fire Alarm System Can Save Your Property and Your Life

A Fire Alarm System Can Save Your Property and Your Life

Did you know that a fire alarm system can detect a fire immediately and allow the fire department to be summoned for immediate assistance?

The timely arrival of fire responders will prevent the total destruction of your property and rescue residents to prevent further injury or death.

Even in your absence, a monitored fire alarm ensures that someone is on top of any emergency situation so that the necessary fire and medical assistance is obtained within minutes.


Smoke and Heat Detectors Alert a Monitoring Center

Smoke and Heat Detectors Alert a Monitoring Center

Sophisticated heat and smoke detectors notify a monitoring center who, in turn, summons the fire department, whether you are home or not.

A good fire alarm system also has a back-up power supply in case of power outage.  This guarantees uninterrupted monitoring of your fire alarm system.

Keep in mind that any alarm system is only as good as the person monitoring it.  With a monitored alarm system, you have peace of mind that trained security experts are always keeping an eye on your home and your family’s welfare.

A fire alarm is only one of the many critical features of a comprehensive home security system.  It also includes carbon monoxide monitoring.


Protect your family from Residential Fire

Protect your family from Residential Fire

Distraction, carelessness, and neglect are the most common reasons for a residential fire.  It takes very simple steps to protect your loved ones and your home from fires:

  • ✓ Install a home security system with a reliable fire alarm
  • ✓ Smoke detectors must be placed on every floor, including the basement
  • ✓ Check the status of your home security system and replace batteries of smoke and heat detectors as recommended.

Learn about the fire alarm technologies and best alarm companies to choose the right system for your home.


Why the Fuss Over Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

Why the Fuss Over Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and hard to detect poison that builds up in your home.  It can come from various household equipment such as fuel-burning devices, fireplaces, or wood-burning stoves.

According to statistics, there were 1808 deaths caused by unintentional non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning cases in Canada from 1981 to 2009.  An estimated 414 Canadians died of carbon monoxide poisoning from 2000 to 2007, with hundreds more injured by this silent and deadly gas.


Statistics were so alarming that carbon monoxide detectors were mandated in homes using fuel-burning devices or with an attached garage in some provinces like Ontario.

Whether mandatory or not, it is to every homeowner’s advantage to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in the home.  Carbon monoxide protection is essential in every home and is included in a good home security system.


Security and Convenience with Home Monitoring Benefits

Security and Convenience with Home Monitoring Benefits

Home monitoring is one of the most important features of a professional home alarm system.

An alarm system is only as reliable as the monitoring it receives. If an alarm system is unmonitored, the homeowner is responsible for checking on the statuses of the alarm components and to provide the appropriate response, if needed.


For instance, if smoke detectors are triggered, the homeowner must be able to receive the alert and respond to it in a timely manner.  He needs to inform the fire department immediately to prevent further damage and the spread of fire.  He also needs to summon emergency medical assistance, if needed.

Failure to respond to alerts from your home alarm system can lead to disastrous consequences.


Home Monitoring Provides 24/7 Emergency Response

Home Monitoring Provides 24 7 Emergency Response

Professional alarm companies in Gatineau provide 24/7 alarm monitoring services for your complete protection. They don’t take breaks or holidays and can be counted on to react to any dangers in your home immediately and proactively.

When you avail of a home security package, you receive home monitoring services for a fixed monthly price.  Nationwide monitoring centers manned by trained personnel are always available to provide continuous security to your home.


Professional Home Monitoring Makes All the Difference

Professional Home Monitoring Makes All the Difference

Alarm companies may have their own monitoring centers or contract it with third party monitoring services.

This is one aspect you may have to consider when choosing your home alarm company.

With a home security plan with home monitoring, the alarm company manages all aspects of your home security – intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, theft, and other risks every day, non-stop.

Aside from the burglary protection, you can get abundant options from home monitoring services. Modern alarm equipment can protect you from flooding, changes in temperature, smoke, fire, and natural gas leaks. Alerts are sent to you by email, phone call, or text.

Protection doesn’t stop in the event of power failure as reliable monitoring centers have a back-up system.


How to Choose Home Monitoring Services

How to Choose Home Monitoring Services

Many people considering the installation of a home alarm system are hesitant about obtaining home monitoring services. Usually, this hesitation stems from a reluctance to be locked-in a long term contract.

Once you sign-up for home security services, you are entering a legal contract wherein you agree to pay the company monthly for a certain period of time.  It is a financial decision but also has an impact on your family’s security and well-being for a few years. Thus, you need to take your time and effectively review your options.

It is not uncommon for alarm companies to charge a penalty or a cancellation fee should you end the service before the end of the contract. You must read the fine print and be aware of cancellation options, in case you are not satisfied with the company’s services.

You must also be aware of your options should you relocate before the end of the contract.

Whatever you decide – to get professional monitoring or not for your home – the safety and security of your family and your home should be your top priority.


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