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Everyone considers home security and safety essential.  Who wants to be a victim of a break-in or malicious mischief? Everyone thinks it can’t happen to them, but sadly, they do.

Statistics Canada reported 156,000 break-ins in Canada in 2013.  It is clear that home security is something we should not take for granted.

One may argue that home security is as simple as making sure doors and windows are locked or that there is a dog guarding the property.  While these security measures are certainly important, they may not be enough.


Are locked doors and dogs enough security?

Burglars are creative and opportunistic.  They are not easily thwarted by a locked door and don’t mind breaking windows.  A home security system with anti-burglary features such as glass break detectors, motion sensors, and video surveillance can strongly deter burglars.

We want to help you find affordable and reliable options for increasing your home security in The Laurentides. Get 3 free home protection quotes to see how better home protection can cost only $1 a day.



How Safe Are You in your Home in the Laurentians?

The Laurentians, as of 2011, had a population of about 555,614.  A region of this size in Quebec Province will definitely result in crimes such as theft, break-ins, robberies, identity theft, fraud, assault, etc.


In fact, based on data from Statistics Canada, the city of Saint-Jerome in The Laurentians experienced 67 sexual assaults, 38 robberies, 13 kidnappings, and 150 assaults.


While the local government continues to upgrade safety in public areas and roads, private citizens must also do their part.

Home security systems can keep our communities safe with many unique security features including surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and fire alarms.


How Can Home Security Systems make you safer living in the Laurentians?

How Can Home Security Systems make you safer living in the Laurentians

If you currently live in The Laurentians, you’ll be very interested to know how the latest home alarm systems can help make your home safer.

Whether you own your home or you are renting one, it pays to have a home alarm system not only to keep out burglars but to alert you to other risks including fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.


Saint-Jerome, the most highly populated city in The Laurentians (around 68,456 as of 2011), has a Crime Severity Index of 73.33, with most crimes for sexual assault and robbery.  It ranked 31st among Canadian cities for incidents for breaking and entering, 19th for identify theft, and 38th for motor vehicle theft.


Source: MacLean’s 2016 ranking of Canada’s Most Dangerous Cities


You’ll sleep more fitfully and have no worries away from home with the assurance that a reliable home alarm system is keeping watch over your property.

Let us go over the many wonderful security benefits you can get from a professional home alarm system.


5 Critical Home Protection Features for Homes in The Laurentians

5 Critical Home Protection Features for Homes in The Laurentians

Modern home security systems offer 5 critical home protection features that every home must have.


1. Fire Alarm Protection

According to data from the Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Commissioners, the biggest cause of residential fires in Canada were cooking and heating equipment, with most fires originating in the kitchen.

Hundreds of fire-related deaths and injuries occur every year.  In an emergency as dire as fire, quick emergency response is critical and can be life-saving. Having a fire alarm as part of a comprehensive home alarm system can save your lives and your property from devastating damage.

A fire alarm is triggered by sophisticated smoke and heat detectors which can quickly summon responders, whether you are at home or away.


2. Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Did you know that hundreds of Canadians die or get hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning every year?  The numbers became so alarming that some provinces in Canada have already made it mandatory for homes to have carbon monoxide detectors.  But mandatory or not, it is to every homeowner’s best interest to install carbon monoxide alarms for increased safety in the home.


Carbon Monoxide is almost impossible to detect

Carbon Monoxide is almost impossible to detect

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless poison that comes from many everyday objects we use.  A car’s engine left running in an attached garage, improperly maintained furnaces or fireplaces, woodstoves, and other fuel-burning devices are sources of carbon monoxide.  If an individual breathes in contaminated air, it can result in death.

Carbon monoxide alarms placed near sleeping areas, kitchen, and other critical places in the home can save the lives of your loved ones.

Early detection of the presence of carbon monoxide in the air gives you time to escape before it is too late.


3. Burglar Protection

Burglar Protection

Burglar protection is just one of the many important security benefits from a home security system.  With essential components such as glass break detectors, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and sounding devices that alert you and a monitoring center of a possible intrusion.

Our home holds most of what we have worked hard for. It is also the most private space we have that we consider personal and safe.  To protect the home from a break-in, a reliable home security system will make sure to secure the perimeter of your home and its interior.

Sleep better when at home and feel secure about your property when you are miles away with a comprehensive home alarm system with fire, burglar, and carbon monoxide detection.


4. Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Would you like to be able to check on what’s happening in your home anywhere you are?

Comprehensive home security systems include video surveillance cameras positioned strategically around the home. They allow you to view video feed from your device to see if your kids have arrived home, if someone is outside your property, and serves as evidence in court.

Many crimes are solved due to valuable information provided by video surveillance. They can also protect your home and your loved ones and give you peace of mind.

While you can’t stop a burglar from trying, your home security system will stop a burglar from succeeding. It’s on 24/7 to greet intruders with a “Hello, your face is forever recorded on video”.


5. Central Monitoring

Central Monitoring

Central monitoring is perhaps the most underestimated component of a home security system but nevertheless one of the most valuable.  You see, any devices or features in a home alarm system work only if there is someone to monitor them.  You can do it, but can you do it 24/7? If you are busy at work, would you be able to check on the status of your alarm or react to a fire alarm or burglar alarm? If you miss one, it could cost you dearly.

Central monitoring means someone trained and responsible is monitoring your alarm system 24 hours 7 days a week. They don’t take holidays or breaks. In case there is an alarm, they verify it and quickly inform the necessary police, fire, or medical responders.


With A Smart Home, you are always in Control

With A Smart Home, you are always in Control

Home automation has taken homes in Canada out of the dark ages. Turn on your porch lights before you even get home. Adjust your home’s temperature or program lights to turn on and off to make it seem someone is at home.  In fact, you can control almost everything that is inside your house remotely.

Convenience, comfort, savings, and security all from your home alarm system.

You’ll never have to come home to a dark house ever with home automation, courtesy of your home security system. This is an optional benefit that you can obtain from your home alarm provider to increase the benefits you get from your security system.


Get Help for Medical Emergencies with Panic Buttons and Pendants

Get Help for Medical Emergencies with Panic Buttons and Pendants

A home security system can provide so much more. Do you have an elderly person or a convalescing loved one? We can’t be home all the time but a panic button or pendant can ensure they get help in any emergency.

Panic buttons and pendants have fall alerts that instantly summon help from a monitoring center. Even if the individual is knocked unconscious or too weak to summon help, modern technology will make sure that someone is aware of a possible medical emergency. In emergencies when minutes are crucial, immediate and quick action is vital.

Home automation and personal emergency response systems are optional benefits you can get with your home alarm system.


Our Alarm Partners are where you are in The Laurentians

Our Alarm Partners are where you are in The Laurentians

No matter where your home is in The Laurentians, our alarm partners have you covered.  Check out these areas where our partner alarm companies can move quickly to check your security needs and provide you with a competitive estimate, free of charge!


Amherst Arundel Lac Tremblant Nord Montcalm
Brebeuf Mirabel Lantier Saint-Agathe-des-Monts
Huberdeau Lake Superior La Conception Saint-Lucie-des-Laurentides
Val-David Saint-Faustin-lac-Carre Val-des-Lacs Val-Morin
Saint-Sauveur Saint-Adele Saint-Jerome Lachute
Saint-Eustache Bois-des-Filion Prevost Boisbriand
Saint-Hippolyte Brownsburg Morin-Heights Saint-Joseph-du-Lac
Labelle Mont-Laurier Saint-Therese Riviere-Rouge


Compare Alarm Systems in Saint-Jerome and other cities in The Laurentians

Compare Alarm Systems in Saint-Jerome and other cities in The Laurentians

Shopping for a good home alarm system in Saint-Jerome or anywhere in The Laurentians is easy when you use a great platform like 3homeprotectionquotes.

Competition in the alarm industry is stiff with so many alarm providers offering DIY and professional installation systems to choose from. It is critical to use free and no obligation quotes to confidently compare prices and benefits.

All of the major alarm providers in the country are part of our network of alarm partners which ensures that you get the most modern, innovative, and affordable home security solutions.


Get Expert Advice with Home Security

Get Expert Advice with Home Security

It’s easy to go to e-bay or Amazon to buy a DIY home alarm system. But how sure are you that it will work when you need it to? How long will your DIY home alarm last?

By speaking to residential alarm experts, you will benefit from expert and professional advice regarding what you need to keep your home safe and get to choose from many affordable security bundles that suit your needs and budget.

An alarm specialist will inspect your home to determine your security needs and answer questions such as:

  • Do I need a wired or wireless alarm system?
  • What anti-burglary devices will my security system have?
  • Do I need central monitoring?
  • How long is the contract?
  • How much is my monthly monitoring fee?

You can also get the answers you need about top 20 consumer questions about home alarm systems to help you assess your home alarm requirements.


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